Smooth Swivel bracket, Guaranteed to fit your PHILIPS TV

  • Cantilever TV Bracket
  • Moves In/Out + Up/Down
  • Smooth Up + Down Tilt
  • Swivels From Left to Right
Model number: G06BLK
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Now: 118.95
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MIN: 13cm
MAX: 40cm
Smooth Swivel bracket (G06BLK) 36 inches ALL Swivel - Tilts And Turns

Technical Info

  • This bracket will fit all TVs with PHILIPS 36" screens.
  • It is extremely robust and can support a TV with a load of up to 60kg. 


What's included with this item?

  • Wall bracket (as seen above)
  • All screws to go into the back of your TV
  • All fittings for brick and stud walls
  • Easy to use (IKEA® style) instruction manual
  • Includes 15 year guarantee
  • Free next day delivery
Technical details:
Screen Capability PHILIPS 36"
Max TV Load 60kg
Tilt Up and Down 15
Rotation (Swing) 45
Wall Plate Dimensions 48cm x 30cm
Minimum Distance From Wall 5.1" / 13cm
Maximum Distance From Wall 15.7" / 40cm
Colour Black
VESA Compatibility
(W = width, H = height)
Every mounting hole VESA combination between
100mm (W) X 100mm (H)
up to a maximum of
800mm (W) X 500mm (H)
Standard VESA Sizes Sumpported
(W = width, H = height)
200mm (W) X 200mm (H)
200mm (W) X 300mm (H)
200mm (W) X 400mm (H)
200mm (W) X 500mm (H)
300mm (W) X 200mm (H)
300mm (W) X 300mm (H)
300mm (W) X 400mm (H)
300mm (W) X 500mm (H)
400mm (W) X 200mm (H)
400mm (W) X 300mm (H)
400mm (W) X 400mm (H)
400mm (W) X 500mm (H)
500mm (W) X 200mm (H)
500mm (W) X 300mm (H)
500mm (W) X 400mm (H)
500mm (W) X 500mm (H)
600mm (W) X 200mm (H)
600mm (W) X 300mm (H)
600mm (W) X 400mm (H)
600mm (W) X 500mm (H)
700mm (W) X 200mm (H)
700mm (W) X 300mm (H)
700mm (W) X 400mm (H)
700mm (W) X 500mm (H)
800mm (W) X 200mm (H)
800mm (W) X 300mm (H)
800mm (W) X 400mm (H)
800mm (W) X 500mm (H)
Spirit Level Yes
Fixing Type Universal
Security Locking Feature Yes
Warranty 15 years
Was: £237.95
All includes VAT
Customer Reviews for Smooth Swivel bracket
Jag Singh
I bought this to mount a 40" LG LCD TV. The mounting brackets fitted easily to the TV with no problems. Having cut a piece of newspaper to the size of the TV, I marked the position of the wall plate on to the paper. The paper was stuck to the wall with Blutac so that everyone could offer their suggestions regarding the exact positioning of the TV. After marking through the finally positioned paper, the holes were drilled and the TV was mounted. The kit seems very comprehensive, easy to instal and very reasonably priced.... can recommend
Joe Mercer
straightforward wall mount to install
This is so high tech, it blows away all the other brackets. and the price is very reasonable.
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