Professional Full motion Cantilever Bracket with Locking Feature, Guaranteed to fit your TECHNIKA TV

  • Full Cantilever Action
  • Pushes In+Out, Tilts Up+Down
Model number: A431CBLK
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Was: £125.95
Now: 79.95
All includes VAT
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MIN: 10cm
MAX: 55cm
Professional Full motion Cantilever Bracket with Locking Feature (A431CBLK) 59 inches Corner TV Brackets

Technical Info

  • This bracket will fit all TVs with TECHNIKA 59" screens.
  • It is extremely robust and can support a TV with a load of up to 30kg. 


What's included with this item?

  • Wall bracket (as seen above)
  • All screws to go into the back of your TV
  • All fittings for brick and stud walls
  • Easy to use (IKEA® style) instruction manual
  • Includes 15 year guarantee
  • Free next day delivery
Technical details:
Screen Capability TECHNIKA 59"
Max TV Load 30kg
Tilt Up and Down 15
Rotation (Swing) 360
Wall Plate Dimensions 8cm x 26cm
Minimum Distance From Wall 3.9" / 10cm
Maximum Distance From Wall 21.65" / 55cm
Colour Black
VESA Compatibility
(W = width, H = height)
Every mounting hole VESA combination between
50mm (W) X 50mm (H)
up to a maximum of
600mm (W) X 460mm (H)
Standard VESA Sizes Sumpported
(W = width, H = height)
200mm (W) X 200mm (H)
200mm (W) X 300mm (H)
200mm (W) X 400mm (H)
300mm (W) X 200mm (H)
300mm (W) X 300mm (H)
300mm (W) X 400mm (H)
400mm (W) X 200mm (H)
400mm (W) X 300mm (H)
400mm (W) X 400mm (H)
500mm (W) X 200mm (H)
500mm (W) X 300mm (H)
500mm (W) X 400mm (H)
600mm (W) X 200mm (H)
600mm (W) X 300mm (H)
600mm (W) X 400mm (H)
Fixing Type Universal
Security Locking Feature Yes
Warranty 15 years
Was: £125.95
All includes VAT
Customer Reviews for Professional Full motion Cantilever Bracket with Locking Feature
Euan Hunter
Great product...glides round with my 60" samsung on no problem, sits back to wall and looks very neat and tidy.
Zara Thorpe
Very smart, stylish and practical. I have a large television in my bedroom and needed a strong unit to hold it in place, which this does. Xxx
Miss Simona Lovatt
I have owned this for my 60 inch Samsung TV now for about 2 years. You cannot go wrong with this. It lets you tilt, turn, rotate your TV. I would recommend this to anyone.
Mr Wainwright
honestly, if you are looking for a wall mount where you can actually get to the back to plug stuff in...this is the one. also if you have a large room or even a small one where you wont always be in the same place watching tv then this one is great as it turns fully to any position you want with no worrys of it falling off. the tilt on it is adjustable with the little spanner that is provided which can just sit somewhere near the tv. it also comes away from the wall quite far which is good but also sits back against it nice and easily definitely recommend this as its so much better than the ones that look like its super glued to the wall so you cant get to its sockets once its mounted. moves around easily. great value for money too : proud of this purchase.
Hui Ying Sun
It arrived on time and had a number of different options, obviously for different TVs. It was easy to install and does exactly what its supposed to do. Not much else to say really.
Pragna Patel
Fantastic product, very sturdy, durable and professional looking. I previously bought an inferior bracket from Argos at a cheaper price but would not risk using with my new TV as was too flimsy. This was recommended to me by a friend who bought one for use in her special needs school. Definatley up to the job and highly recommended. Do not buy a cheap alternative when you consider the value of the TV you are relying on it to hold!!
tommy mcguinness
The wall mount was perfect, very strong and sturdy. Much much better quality than the 250 pound quoted in currys for a poorer quality one!
Brian T.
This product was exactly as written on the tin as the saying goes. No misleading instructions easily assembled and easily fitted to the wall just with your normal handy man tools.
Niamh Hammond
This is a terrific product and much better than the bracket that Panasonic suggested for my TX-P50G20b. This bracket is sturdy and easily supports the weight of my TV - I had been concerned that my model was at the top end of the advertised weight/vesa dimensions but this was not a problem at all. It looks really smart too! The best feature of this product is the tilt aspect- the ability to pretty much have it at every angle you are likely to ever need is really nifty. It was really easy to install too with all the bolts, bracket adapter, rawlplugs included with clear, full instructions. The order arrived well within the time frame indicated and was packaged well. Overall, I will not hesitate at all in recommending this get this type of high quality bracket with the above-mentioned features will cost significantly more elsewhere!
greg philips
I am genuinely impressed by this bracket. I've been wanting to wall mount my 51" Plasma for some time now, but haven't fancied spending 130+ for the pleasure of having it angled from the corner of my room. I saw this with 500+ feedback and bit the bullet. It comes with all the nuts/screws you need, along with a spanner. It was assembled, drilled and mounted within an hour. You attach the plate to the rear of the TV (two different mounts depending in your TV VESA points), attach the bracket to the wall, then hook the TV onto the bracket and screw into place. It's incredibly well made, and I'm confident it can comfortably hold the 20kg weight of the TV. Once fitted, the bracket can move left/right, and pivots in three points, plus the tilt option. These are the tools I needed for the job of attaching it to my solid/external wall, I've left out the obvious, but it might help you. Phillips screwdriver 10mm masonry drill piece 13mm socket/spanner When fully closed, the gap between the TV and wall is around 2.5", so not as flush as a non-swivel bracket, but I personally won't have it flat.
robin pendelsham
excellent value for money very sturdy surpassed our expectations for quality a fraction of the cost for the same thing elsewhere
dusan lewington
Exactly what were looking for. Easy to fit n love that it tilts! Telly looks fab on the wall! Xx
guy simpson
Perfect, east to fit neat against wall with tilt ability it also has ample space to fit cables to TV great value.
William Hubbert
This bracket is excellent, good quality at a very low price. The price did make me think twice, poor quality, cheap metal? I couldn't be so wrong. I was convinced to purchase the bracket, from seeing the various pictures especially the fixings. It's on my wall with our 50" toshiba and looks great, can't go wrong with it.
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