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ProductsTV Brackets Tilting Wall Mounts 10-22 Inch TV Mounts

Compact tilt bracket

  • FITS ALL 10" - 24" TVs
  • Supports up to 20kg
  • Fully Tilting
  • Tilts Up+Down
Model number: A601BLK
inc VAT

Ultra Flat Tilting Bracket - Small

  • FITS ALL 19" - 22" TVs
  • Supports up to 40kg
  • Fully Tilting
  • Tilts Up+Down
Model number: A550BLK
Was: £24.95
inc VAT

Fully flexible swivel bracket version 4

  • FITS ALL 20" - 25" TVs
  • Supports up to 20kg
  • Swivels Left & Right
  • Tilts Up+Down
Model number: A302CBLK
Was: £31.95
inc VAT

10-22 Inch TV Mounts
TV Mounts are the essential items that you purchase with every large screen TV so that you can mount them on to the wall. But apart from this essential functionality TV Mounts deliver many amazing features. These features can range from tilting, swiveling and adjustability which make these TV Mounts an essential item for your viewing habits. 123brackets.co.uk has huge collection of these TV Mounts which are categorized from brand to brand and according to sizes as well.
Moreover there many other distinctive features which can easily be selected using the Bracket finder to locate possible TV Mounts. There are forum pages that help in any ambiguity regarding these TV Mounts so that you can choose a bracket that will suit your TV. The online store delivers these TV Mounts without any extra charges right at your door step within UK. Don’t miss the promotions coupons that our store offers for these TV Mounts.