TV dramas benefit from TV brackets as well as films

October 25, 2011
Posted in Home cinema — Written by Eric

When we think of home cinemas, we think of films. Historically, films have been where the most eye-catching entertainment has been found. However, there has been a growing trend for high class TV drama that in many ways outshines Hollywood’s offering. Exquisitely shot and thoughtfully produced, many of these programmes benefit from a home cinema setup even more than big budget blockbusters.

US subscription channel HBO has played a large part in creating this trend, producing programmes such as The Sopranos and The Wire. Those who didn’t subscribe to the channel frequently bought DVD box sets, but nowadays, with the advent of TV-on-demand and internet services such as the BBC’s iPlayer, high quality drama has become even more popular. Even foreign language series such as The Killing are commanding large audiences.

People are ever more inclined to devote time to such programmes. Being as they can watch episodes at whatever time is convenient, the audience is more loyal and more involved. In short, the viewing experience is more focused.

If you’re sitting down to watch one of these programmes, you’re going to want a cinematic experience wherever possible. To achieve this, you need a decent TV and sound system and you need your set mounted on the wall using TV brackets. If you do this, you get the optimum viewing experience and will get more out of the programme as a consequence.

Are you getting TiVo? Get TV brackets as well

October 13, 2011
Posted in Home cinema — Written by Eric

The TiVo service provides a great way of watching TV. Rather than being limited to what’s on at any given moment, you can instead choose to record whole series which you can then watch at your leisure.

Because of the size of its memory, you can record far more on a TiVo box than you can with a conventional digital video recorder. You also get a host of on-demand programming, including films.

This really appeals to many people. The ability to record the things you really want to watch means you don’t find yourself flicking idly through the channels like you used to. Watching TV becomes something you look forward to, something you make a point of doing, rather than being the default fall-back when you’re trying to pass the time.

This change in emphasis means you take the experience more seriously. When the TV’s on in the background, you’re not so bothered about the quality of the picture or sound, but when you’re really focusing, these things suddenly matter all the more.

If you’ve got yourself an HD TV and a surround sound system, you don’t want to negate the benefits by having your TV positioned awkwardly. In fact, you don’t want to be anywhere but the optimum viewing position. The best way of achieving this is by using TV brackets. They allow you to install the TV in the ideal spot and if the bracket moves, you can even have multiple viewing positions.

A home cinema without TV brackets is no such thing

October 5, 2011
Posted in Home cinema — Written by Eric

The purpose of a home cinema is to try and create the best viewing experience possible. Sometimes people get so caught up with the technology, they forget that simple fact.

Many things have an impact on your viewing experience and it’s important to keep them in perspective. People will pay extra money for a better contrast ratio with no real comprehension what that means, yet the same people will then position the TV in a less than perfect viewing position.

This makes no sense. The viewing angle is one of the factors that most affects your viewing experience. It’s also one of the easiest to address. If you buy the right TV bracket and then mount your TV on the wall, you can position it precisely where it needs to be and angle it correctly as well. This will have a far greater impact on your viewing experience than the vast majority of the technical differences that TV manufacturers are so keen to highlight.

At the cinema, the experience isn’t just about the sound and vision; it’s about comfort as well. Your seat is correctly positioned and the screen is right there in front of you and (hopefully) your view is unimpeded. You should seek to recreate this as best you can if you want a true home cinema experience. You can have the best screen in the world and top of the range surround sound, but if you’re looking at the screen from an odd angle, the experience is devalued.

TV brackets are just a start when installing your home cinema

September 12, 2011
Posted in Home cinema,TV brackets — Written by Ruth

It’s exciting to set up a home cinema system. Getting all the right equipment and setting it up in the right way, you imagine the end result – a place for watching films that is every bit as good as the cinema, but without the chatting and mobile phone sounds from other people.

In terms of how to set up your home cinema equipment, most people opt to install their TV on the wall using TV brackets because this allows you to position it correctly. If it’s at the wrong height or the wrong angle, it doesn’t matter how good the picture quality, your viewing will be affected.

You also need good speakers, but if your TV’s on the wall, where do the speakers go? Well, they can go on the wall too, because special speaker brackets are also available. DVD and Blu-ray brackets can also be acquired, meaning you get everything up on the wall together, conserving floor space.

In essence, you have complete flexibility in how you arrange your home cinema system. Your only real consideration is what would be best, not what would be best within certain parameters. Position everything exactly where you want it and enjoy the end result to the full.

TV brackets are a key component of the perfect home cinema

September 3, 2011
Posted in Home cinema,TV brackets — Written by Ruth

When you come to put together a home cinema system, you will want to get every element right. A good home cinema is more than the sum of its parts. When everything is right, there are no distractions or irritations and you find yourself more absorbed by on-screen events as a consequence.

The most obvious element is the TV itself. This needs to provide crisp pictures of vivid, realistic colour and ideally it will be quite large as well. It’s not so much that bigger is better without limit, but the screen needs to be a certain size in order for you to get the full effect.

The sound system is also vital. Surround sound is a must. You must be able to hear faint pin drops clearly, but nor can there be any distortion when there are loud noises, such as explosions or raised voices. The surround sound makes the experience more immersive still.

You must also have the right seating. If you’re uncomfortable, you will be distracted. You need to stretch out and relax so that you can give the film your full attention. This is all the easier if the TV is also positioned correctly. There is no point getting all the right gear and then finding that your neck hurts after an hour of viewing. Do things properly. Get a TV bracket and put your TV set exactly where you want it to be.

TV brackets to go with your value home cinema set up

August 31, 2011
Posted in Home cinema — Written by Ruth

Gadget website T3 recently conducted their Group Test to find which all-in-one home cinema system offering Blu-ray facilities and surround sound is the best for overall value in the market. They carried out this test alongside other factors as well, but most people are looking to get the most for their money.

To this end, the Samsung C6730W came out top and combines a lot of quality features and easy set-up with much better than average performance. It can help you to save a great deal of money when you opt for one of these complete systems rather than buying speakers and everything else separately.

The Samsung C6730W may provide decent picture and sound, but the real downside is that it is not 3D ready. If you are willing to overlook this omission and are completely happy with your high definition entertainment, then you won’t really miss this feature.

Once you have purchased a system like this one for just over £500, you feel a lot better about selecting a TV bracket that is able to do the TV and home cinema set up justice.

As well as having a TV bracket for the television, holding it safely on the wall, you can also benefit from shelf brackets which allow you to mount your full home cinema set up including the Blu-ray player and smaller speakers.

Cantilever brackets should do the trick for the TV and you can now ensure the whole set up is kept down to fit in with the budget you can afford.

Choosing a TV for your home theatre system

April 30, 2011
Posted in Home cinema — Written by Eric

For a movie buff, the cinema is their holy grail. State of the art picture quality matched with 8.1 surround sound. A true feast for the senses, for just a small price! However, due to technological advancements, the whole experience can be enjoyed in your very own living room.

You can start setting up your equipment from scratch, and then build on it later. A TV is the most basic requirement for a home theatre system. Televisions have evolved from the basic, bulky colour TVs to sleek LCDs, LEDs and plasma TVs which also have the added bonus of energy-saving features.

TV sizes range from miniscule 17 inches to the monster 100 inches. The rule of the thumb being, the bigger the screen, the better the viewing experience. However some smaller-display televisions may provide features absent in large screen ones.

The viewing distance must always be taken in consideration when buying a TV. There are many sites that help you calculate the size of your ideal TV, based upon the viewing distance.

One of the most important things that you should take into account is the number of connection ports. This will enable you to extend your home theater experience to gaming consoles and Blu-ray players.

You must also include TV brackets in your budget. You can maximize your room space by using TV wall brackets. TV brackets invariably increase your viewing distance, by which you may be able to go for a bigger screen TV.

Samsung launches new models and range of TV sets in the European markets

March 31, 2011
Posted in Home cinema — Written by Eric

Samsung has revealed their new line of products in Budapest, Hungary.

At the event Samsung launched a new 490 plasma TV with 3D technology which comes in both 43 and 51 inch sizes. The 51 inch 490 plasma TV has 3D TV coupled with Freeview.

TV brackets can be used to attach these screens onto the ceilings to give the room a theatrical feel.

The dimensions and clarity makes TV viewing spectacularly pleasurable. 3D viewing gives an experience of images which seem to come out of the TV screen. Even your favourite movies and TV series can be transformed into 3D.

Samsung 550 series plasma TVs have a full HD panel which brings out the minute details of a Blu-ray or DVD and HD movies to make TV viewing an ultimate experience.
Samsung launched their 550 series in two sizes, 51 and 59 inch.

Samsung also launched a rejuvenated version of 6 series LED which now comes in 3D.
The series has two models on offer, 6100 and 6900.

The Samsung 7 and 8 series have also had a makeover and were launched in better, slimmer, stylish and sophisticated designs. The two models also sport a super narrow 5mm bezel. All these sets can be fixed and fitted on walls or ceilings using TV brackets.

TV wall brackets for your home cinema setup

February 20, 2011
Posted in Home cinema,TV bracket advice — Written by Ruth

The TV screen is the most important component of any home cinema system. The way you set up the hardware of course also determines the quality of the experience, but how the screen of the LCD television is positioned will certainly affect your enjoyment more than anything else.

It is necessary to place your surround sound speakers in the right place around your Blu-ray player and connect it to the television using high quality wires and cables, but the TV wall brackets you choose can really make the experience.

For it to feel right you need to get TV wall brackets that really allow your LCD TV to move and be positioned at the right angle for where you are sitting. Once you have achieved this, you can then move the speakers accordingly until you have the right sound effects to accompany the excellent picture.

Therefore, install your TV on the wall using your chosen brackets and you won’t be disappointed. After this, you will find that it all seems to fit in place and you can enjoy your entertainment to the full.

These TV wall brackets can be purchased online and you can start to plan your home cinema setup ready for when the device arrives. If you do decide to buy them to place your TV higher up on the wall, you will be able to utilise the space saved for other things, or just to make the room seem bigger, and it makes it all look so much more neat and tidy at the same time.

TV brackets are important for the home cinema experience

February 19, 2011
Posted in Home cinema,TV brackets — Written by Jeffrey

If you are an avid film fan or true TV enthusiast and really want the ultimate in home cinema, then there are a number of things you will need to do before you can truly say you have created the perfect environment in which to watch your media at its best.

One of these things is TV brackets. The reason why these devices are key to enjoying watching your chosen movie or TV programme to the full is because they allow you to change the viewing angle until it is just perfect.

While you also need to ensure that your Blu-ray player is set up correctly, with top quality leads that link the hardware together, by hanging your LED or LCD television on the wall, you can see the screen at the optimum height. Then, you can strategically place your speakers around the room so your sound is at its best too.

Building a home cinema system in this manner can certainly maximise your entertainment pleasure. So, be sure to plan how everything will be placed in order to thrill your senses. Getting the screen right is one of the things that can affect the experience more than anything else, so be careful that you buy the right TV brackets for your system.

Whether you opt for swivel or tilting TV brackets, the choice is up to you and where you will be watching the screen from. Position it perfectly and you will be able to enjoy the optimum in home cinema performance.

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