How To Securely Mount Your TV

September 2, 2013
Posted in TV bracket advice — Written by Eric

A new flatscreen television can be a hefty investment, with some models costing well over a thousand pounds. Fixing something so expensive to your wall can be something of a nerve-wracking experience so here are some tips to help ease the worry.

Check the Load

Make sure that you check the weight of your television before you choose the TV wall bracket you’ll use to mount it. If you buy your TV online from a reputable supplier, you should find the weight listed in the technical specifications, and each bracket on our site shows the maximum load it can support. In most cases, you’ll find this will be far more than the weight of your television – with plenty of leeway to give you peace of mind.

Know Your Wall

Before you mount your television you’ll need to know what your wall is made of. If it’s brick or block, then attaching your bracket is quite simple – your positioning will only be restricted by any pipes or cables running through the wall. If it’s a stud wall or a plasterboard wall, you’ll need to find the upright studs and fix your bracket to at least two of them to ensure that your wall can hold the weight.

Check the Fittings & Instructions

123 Brackets provide all the fittings you will need to attach your bracket to the wall, as well as the screws to go into the back of the television itself, but it’s a good idea to set everything out and check it off against the instructions before you begin. You’ll also have simple, easy to follow instructions included with the bracket, but it’s always wise to read them through first.

Ask for Assistance

Even a relatively lightweight television can be tricky to position by yourself, so getting a second pair of hands to help you lift your television into place is a sensible idea. Alternatively, if doing it yourself seems a little daunting, there are plenty of professional installation companies who can install your TV wall bracket for you. If you decide to do it yourself but you’re unsure of anything, you can also get in touch with our team on 0845 676 9300 or contact a professional tradesman for expert advice.

Make getting TV wall brackets one of your New Year’s resolutions

December 29, 2011
Posted in TV bracket advice — Written by Eric

With New Year’s Eve now just a few days away, this is the ideal time to reflect and contemplate what you want to do differently next year. New Year’s resolutions are the ideal way to set personal goals and optimise your lifestyle.

One of the most popular pursuits is still watching TV, but there are still plenty of people out there who have never considered buying TV wall mounts for their flat panel TV. This may just be because they see it as too much trouble to wall-mount these expensive devices, or they might not fully understand all the benefits.

It is a shame if you have never considered the positives that TV wall brackets can bring to the TV viewing experience. You can free up so much more space in a room that could be used for an alternative purpose. But it is not just this reason as to why many have decided to opt for these handy little accessories.

Some varieties of wall bracket allow you the flexibility to move the display around until you get the most convenient angle. This is so much better than simply placing your TV on a table, which is not only much lower down but is not really as suitable for seeing the screen clearly. You would not expect to go to the cinema and look down at a screen placed on the floor. So make it a priority to invest in TV wall brackets and make 2012 a year to remember.

TV brackets for security and viewing pleasure

December 19, 2011
Posted in TV bracket advice — Written by Eric

Most people these days have a flat screen television and this is usually the focal point of their lounge and certainly the most prized part of their entertainment system.

And that’s why, at this time of year, if you haven’t got them sorted already, you need to organise your TV brackets. It’s extremely important that you ensure that your television can be securely mounted before you get into the Christmas season fully.

During Christmas, the family seems to get a lot more active. For a start, you have more people at your house; you may have all of your family and close friends round on the big day itself and there will inevitably be games involved.

If this is the case though, it’s essential that you get your TV brackets sorted. With so many people around, your television is more at risk of being knocked and if it is not properly secured, then you might find yourself without your beloved centre piece of your entertainment system.

As well as keeping your television secure, TV brackets can also improve the viewing experiences of you and your guests and that’s why it’s essential you get this sorted before the festive period really kicks in.

Spend wisely on your TV and TV brackets

November 26, 2011
Posted in TV bracket advice — Written by Ruth

TV prices are generally dropping. High end models can still cost an arm and a leg, but there are increasingly large numbers of affordable LCD sets available. However, it is worth noting that they can prove a false economy.

We make certain sacrifices when we buy cheaper technology and most of us are aware of that. Sound and picture quality is likely to be inferior, but most TVs are good enough these days that this doesn’t really have too great an impact on your viewing experience. A cheap LCD TV is likely to be better to watch than an old CRT TV for example.

However, it may be that a cheap LCD TV’s greatest strength is actually no such thing. Recent research has indicated that budget TVs cost more to run. In some cases, they can be so much less energy efficient that initial savings are completely redundant.

Which? Magazine compared a cheap 40-inch Tesco TV against a Sony Bravia of the same size. The Tesco TV costs £300 and the Sony costs £460, so if you’re economising, there’s a simple decision to make. However, the Tesco TV cost around £42 a year to run, against £14 a year for the Sony TV.

This is a significant difference. Counterintuitively, you might even end up paying more for the budget TV. The same applies to TV brackets in a way. If you economise too much, you could put your TV at risk of falling with an associated cost far, far greater than that of any TV bracket.

TV brackets are good for quality and quantity when it comes to TV viewing

October 29, 2011
Posted in TV bracket advice — Written by Eric

Parents are being encouraged to limit the time children spend watching TV, particularly those under the age of two for whom there are no educational benefits.

Furthermore, it has also been suggested that parents with a toddler should reduce their own TV viewing as it effectively cuts into time that could be spent more productively with their child.

The recommendations come from the American Academy of Pediatrics and Dr Ari Brown, who worked on the guidelines, said:

“We felt it was time to revisit this issue because video screens are everywhere now, and the message is much more relevant today that it was a decade ago.”

Fortunately, in the modern age, it is possible for TV viewing to be more about quality than quantity. With digital video recorders and TV-on-demand, we can watch the programmes we want to watch when we want to watch them – such as when the child has gone to bed. Many people find that they watch less TV as a result, because in practice a convenient time for viewing rarely coincides with something you want to watch being on.

Increasingly, and flying in the face of long-held perception, the TV is a source of quality entertainment – something for which we devote time, rather than resorting to by default. As such, we should ensure we get as much out of it as possible, which means ensuring the best possible viewing experience. This entails affixing the screen to the wall using TV brackets to provide the optimal viewing angle.

This provides better viewing and should you find yourself spending a long time in front of the box despite these recommendations, you should also be free of neck or back ache.

3D TV demands the use of TV brackets

October 15, 2011
Posted in TV bracket advice — Written by Eric

Toshiba has just announced that it is to produce a gigantic 55-inch TV. Its size means it is capable of a staggering resolution of 3,830 pixels by 2,160. It is also possible to have glasses-free 3D with this set. The firm’s previous glasses-free 3D TV was just 20-inches in size.

Toshiba says that even when several people are watching the TV side-by-side, all of them will experience the 3D effect. Even so, it’s worth fitting the TV to the wall using TV brackets as this will provide the optimum position, allowing you to get the full 3D effect.

That effect is created thanks to a built-in face detection camera. From this, calculations are made and the image adjusted accordingly to create the 3D effect. According to the press release, nine different pictures are created and these are moved left and right to align with people’s view. Again, we see the significance of having the screen correctly positioned. The nine pictures are not in full resolution, however, although the image should still be sharp at 1,280 x 720.

Glasses-free 3D TV is obviously hugely appealing and if the technology is to take off, this is surely the future of this style of TV. More than with any other type of TV picture, it will benefit from having the TV in the right position, but this is true of conventional TV as well. Whatever your TV set, get it put up on the wall in the right position and you will see the difference.

TV brackets can make a big difference when you have friends round

October 4, 2011
Posted in TV bracket advice — Written by Eric

A lot of us don’t realise that there are any issues with our TV setup until we have a bunch of friends round. Maybe you’ve got a bit of a rota going on with a series of sports matches. Last week, you were at your friends and you all sat round, enjoying the game and chatting about it. This week, it’s your turn and you suddenly realise that half of your guests won’t be able to see properly.

The problem is that what works when we’re on our own, doesn’t always work when there are more people. If your TV is placed on a stand or cabinet, then it will probably be quite low down. This can make it difficult to see when there are a few more people in the room and not everyone is seated in the best position.

A TV bracket allows you to raise the TV up a bit. You can mount it on the wall, a little higher up and everyone should be able to see it, no matter where they are. However, this doesn’t address issues with viewing angles. Sometimes, when you have guests, the extra seating isn’t in the best spot for the TV. You might find that the only person who can see is whoever’s sitting in your usual spot.

If that’s the case, a cantilever bracket will come in handy. They allow you to move the screen to a position that’s easier for people to see. Then, when everyone’s gone, you can move it back again.

TV brackets are a must if you regularly play Wii games

October 3, 2011
Posted in TV bracket advice — Written by Jeffrey

The popularity of the Wii shows no signs of waning. Its strength seems to be in reaching people who wouldn’t ordinarily play videogames. Up and down the land groups of friends, children, parents and grandparents are hopping up and down and waggling their arms about, enjoying themselves.

However, the Wii brings with it a couple of issues relating to the TV. First of all, there’s the fact that you need to keep it safe and secure. Ordinarily, there is little chance that a TV will be knocked over because if it’s in use, people tend to be sitting quietly. With the Wii, it suddenly becomes the focus of intense physical movements and this puts it at risk a little. The best solution is to get a TV bracket with which to secure it to the wall. This keeps it secure, but you can also raise it up a little, so it’s less likely to get hit by a swinging arm.

The second issue is in viewing it properly. TVs are generally positioned so as to be watched from the settee, but when you’re playing on the Wii, you’re generally standing up and you may be in a slightly different part of the room where there’s more space. Again, brackets come to your aid here. A cantilever bracket allows you to tilt the screen so that it’s at the right angle and you can also swivel it so that it’s pointing towards you.

TV brackets prevent a game-playing pain in the neck

October 2, 2011
Posted in TV bracket advice — Written by Ruth

Any game player will be familiar with the frustration that sometimes comes as part of the game playing experience. Sometimes you’re not sure what to do in a game. At other times you know precisely what to do, but can’t seem to do it. In both situations you might spend a long time playing as a consequence and this might lead to a literal pain in the neck.

Game playing is more intensive than watching TV. We move around more and our bodies get tense as we get caught up in the action. If your TV is in the wrong position, you can soon find you’re getting aches and pains from sitting in an awkward position.

The obvious solution is to get a TV bracket. There are different brackets available, but ones that allow you to move the TV about a bit are your best bet for game playing. They allow you to make subtle adjustments to your viewing angle, which can prevent a stiff neck or back ache that might result from craning your neck or twisting awkwardly.

The fact is that you don’t sit in the same position when you’re playing a game as when you’re watching TV, so the screen shouldn’t be in the same position. A swivelling or cantilever TV bracket allows you the flexibility to position the screen according to what you’re doing at the time. It won’t help you progress in the game, but you’ll feel the benefit all the same.

A TV bracket can also help secure a valuable possession

September 2, 2011
Posted in TV bracket advice — Written by Jeffrey

TV brackets have several advantages. They clear space in your room, by minimising that occupied by the TV. They create a comfortable viewing experience by positioning the TV correctly. They also keep it safe.

No-one plans to get burgled, but it is a happy side-effect of having a TV bracket that it is unlikely to get stolen should you be unfortunate enough to suffer a break-in. As it is effectively screwed to the wall, a burglar cannot easily remove it and make off with it. They would first need to unscrew the bracket and this would be time consuming and is therefore unlikely to happen.

Modern TVs, being thinner and lighter are more likely to be stolen than older CRT TVs. Even if a CRT TV were as desirable as a modern LCD model, the simple fact is that the larger screen models are so heavy, they are almost impossible to steal. Compare this to a 32 inch LCD TV which one person can easily carry and you see why they are increasingly targeted.

It may be that the TV bracket is a sufficient deterrent to burglars in itself. If a potential burglar looks through your window and sees that the TV is securely fixed to the wall, they may have second thoughts about breaking into your home in the first place.

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