Different uses of TV brackets

December 31, 2009
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Ruth

Accessories such as TV brackets have proved to be a blessing for several consumers. Such TV brackets are now commonly used in many homes. Some of the various places in which TV brackets are used are as follows:

Homes and offices

TV brackets are a common occurrence in homes and offices. They are installed to provide optimum protection to your TV set. Moreover, TV brackets enable users to adjust their TV viewing angle according to their preferences. TV mounts secure the TV set to the wall, thus enhancing the space in the living room. These brackets are also extremely durable and sturdy in nature.


Exhibitors usually incorporate equipment such as LCD TVs and plasma TVs to promote products in an efficient manner. However, the constraint of space usually creates a problem to the exhibitors. They can now use the space effectively via LCD TV brackets. This will provide users with extra floor space for incorporating additional accessories.

Shopping centres and pubs

LCD displays are generally used for displaying advertisements. Such advertising techniques create a favourable impression on consumers. However, LCD TVs are rather expensive products and this is the reason why marketers safeguard the devices via TV brackets. The same practice is followed in pubs and restaurants to curb the number of thefts. Moreover, pub owners often use ceiling mounts.

Buy the best TV brackets for your LCD TV

December 30, 2009
Posted in LCD TV Brackets — Written by Jeffrey

If you own an ultra modern TV in your home, then there is no doubt that your home will look stylish and elegant.

If you have an LCD TV in your home, then you should get an LCD TV wall mount. They are a perfect example of a space saver. They make good use of the space available in your home. With the help of TV brackets, you can mount your TV on the wall. Watching TV when mounted on the wall will make you feel like you’re viewing TV on the big screen of a cinema.

Buying the best TV wall bracket for your home can be a difficult task. You should get a TV wall bracket that is of the right size, space, shape and weight. This is necessary if you want to ensure complete safety of your LCD TV. The TV brackets you buy should be of good quality and must be strong and durable and capable to take the weight of your expensive TV.

There are various types of LCD TV brackets available. All of these types come in various styles, designs and colours. Purchase a TV bracket that suits your LCD TV and the look of your home. This way you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy the ultimate TV watching experience.

Three types of TV wall brackets

December 29, 2009
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Eric

Choosing a TV wall bracket is not an easy task. It is complicated because there are so many different types. You can choose a TV wall bracket based on the model of your TV but there are other variables to consider as well. You have to consider variables such as position, height, windows and light sources etc. Listed below are three different types of wall brackets and how they can be used in the modern household.

1) Fixed wall brackets: These are the cheapest and the most basic types of wall brackets in the market today. With these brackets you will be able to fix your TV to the wall flat like a painting. The limitation this type of wall bracket presents is that it cannot be moved in any way.

2) Tilting wall brackets: Tilting wall mounts are slightly expensive compared to fixed wall mounts. They are good for watching TV when it is placed at a height. Choose a titling wall mount in order to avoid the glare from a window or a light source nearby.

3) Swivel TV brackets: This is a premium quality wall bracket and costs more than the previous two. Choose swivel TV brackets when you want to tilt or turn your flat screen TV to any given degree you like. This feature is useful in bigger households. You will be able to watch TV from any given spot in the house.

You can choose any one of these TV wall brackets based on your home and its lighting conditions.

TV brackets for your flat screen TV

December 28, 2009
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Ruth

TV sets today are growing bigger in size but the kind of technology used inside them is making them light in weight and less bulky. This is the reason why many people are opting for TV brackets to mount their flat screen LCDs, plasmas and HDTV.

But when you decide on the TV wall bracket you want for your TV, you will have to decide which type of bracket can be best utilised for your home.

The two types of TV brackets which can be useful:

We use TV brackets to safely mount our TV sets on the wall and secure them from any kind of damage. The TV bracket we choose must match the requirements of our TV set and also complement the room it is placed in.

Flat mount

These TV brackets are preferred by home owners. They are designed to mount the TV on the wall in one position. Flat mount TV brackets will usually be mounted in a central position. These brackets can be used with any kind of modern TV set, irrespective of its size.

Tilt mount

Even though this TV bracket looks very similar to the flat mount TV bracket, there are some differences between the two. With this specific model of TV wall bracket, you can actually tilt the TV screen up or down. This feature helps you in improving the angle at which the TV is viewed. Also, it is possible to connect any extra cables to your TV set easily.

So go ahead and determine the type of TV bracket your flat screen TV will need and get one today.

TV brackets are the best choice to mount your TV

December 27, 2009
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Eric

Everyone today is getting the latest TVs. With time, TVs have transformed from those bulky, huge, boxy TVs to slim, sleek and stylish ones. LCD TVs and plasma TVs are the new age TVs that have become very popular in modern homes. If you too want to buy the latest, high definition, flat screen TV, then you should first think about where you will place it.

LCD TVs and plasma TVs can take up a lot of space in your home, unless they are placed on TV wall brackets. These latest TVs are meant to be mounted on the wall as they improve viewing and the look of your home. Moreover, placing your TV on a bracket will ensure that no floor space of your home is used.

Initially, TVs were placed on a stand or a piece of furniture in the corner of your room. You had to sit in a place from where you could watch TV. However, with advances in technology, the latest TV wall brackets come in various types. These TV brackets allow you to watch TV from your favourite spot. Some TV brackets can be adjusted to face the direction of your choice.

Mount your flat screen TV on the wall and experience the best viewing experience with the help of TV wall brackets. Browse online to find a bracket of your choice. Do not waste any time – buy these TV brackets now.

Top benefits of using LCD TV wall brackets

December 26, 2009
Posted in LCD TV Brackets — Written by Ruth

TV wall brackets are a novel way of mounting your TV in your home. It is better than the traditional options because they save space and look better. Listed below are a few more benefits of choosing LCD TV wall brackets in order to position your brand new flat screen TV.

Space saving: You can save on space with the help of TV wall brackets. There will be more floor space for the use of other household objects such as corner tables. This ensures that your TV viewing space is uncluttered.

Easy to install: TV wall brackets are very easy to install. They require minimal knowledge of tools and can be fixed without help. You can choose from a variety of cable management features that a few TV wall brackets give you. This eliminates the need for hanging wires on the wall which looks ugly in the modern household.

Minimal maintenance: You will not spend too much time on the maintenance of TV wall brackets as they are small in size. In the case of a flush wall mounted bracket, they are not visible at all.

Flexibility: TV wall brackets will give your TV much more flexibility if you choose a tilting wall mount or a swivel mount. These are a good choice if you have a big home or need to avoid glare from a window.

In addition to this, TV wall brackets are also suited to almost any décor in the world.

Plasma and LCD TVs should be mounted on TV brackets

December 25, 2009
Posted in LCD TV Brackets — Written by Eric

The popularity of LCD and plasma TVs is presently on the rise due to the many advantages that they offer. They are slimmer, sleeker and extremely light in weight compared to the older bulky and heavy television sets. In earlier days, conventional television sets used to be kept on a piece of furniture like a TV stand. While keeping the television set on a TV stand is a good idea, it actually eats up considerable floor space in your room.

Flat panel television sets available today offer excellent picture quality and image resolution. However, in order to get the full benefit that these LCD and plasma television sets offer, it is important to mount them on the wall using TV brackets. This is because the new generation television sets are specially made to offer you with a cinema like experience.

Mounting a large LCD or plasma television set on a wall adds viewing comfort as well as aesthetic appeal to your room. When television sets are mounted flat against the wall, it clears the space in your room, making your room look bigger at the same time. You do not require a sturdy TV stand or a huge television cabinet to add clutter to your room.

Getting the right TV brackets is extremely important

December 24, 2009
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Ruth

Many people today look forward to owning an LCD or plasma TV set due to their many different advantages. Plasma and LCD TV sets are extremely lightweight, slim and sleek compared to the traditional heavy and bulky television sets. If you have just purchased a new LCD or plasma television set, you must ensure that you place them appropriately using the right type of TV bracket.

While many people place their flat screen television set on a TV stand or a cabinet, it will not provide the best viewing experience. LCD and plasma TVs are specially developed to offer a cinema like experience at home. If you mount your flat screen on a wall using TV brackets, it will certainly help you get the best viewing experience.

TV brackets come in many different types, sizes and styles. Thus, it is important to get the one that best suits your flat screen TV set, your budget as well as your requirements. Each TV bracket is specially designed for a specific television set and so it is important that you choose the one that is made for your television set.

You can even purchase matching TV brackets to complement your plasma or LCD TV. Mounting TV sets on a wall using TV brackets not only offers the ultimate viewing experience but also enhances the overall décor of your room at the same time.

Hang your plasma TV on a plasterboard wall with TV brackets

December 23, 2009
Posted in TV bracket advice — Written by Eric

TV brackets are essential for the safety of your precious LCD TV and plasma TVs. But you cannot be careless in mounting them.

The first step of fixing the bracket to the TV is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for assistance on types of screws.

Now make your mind up as to where on the plasterboard wall you will place the TV. Spot the centre position on the wall and draw a line where you wish the base of the plasma to be. To get the height of the wall mount, measure from the bottom of the screen to the top of the hook on the TV bracket. Then draw this measurement on to the wall too.

Mark holes on the wall by lining up the TV bracket to the centre marked line and the line measured for the height. Use a spirit level for straightness.

There are ideally two types of plaster board walls: A spot and dab wall wherein the plaster board wall is fixed to the blocks using adhesive and the stud wall is the other.

If you need to know what type of wall you have, you just need to tap it once. If you tap it and you hear the sound of a concrete wall, then it is a spot and dab plaster board wall. Drilling holes in this is much better.

Once you are sure that your fittings are secure and the bracket is levelled properly, then you are ready to hang your TV.

Important mounting aspects to get the best out of a flat panel TV

December 23, 2009
Posted in TV bracket advice — Written by Ruth

Many people will agree that there probably is no better means of home entertainment than a large screen flat panel TV. This is generally because these TVs offer excellent picture quality and sound, no matter what you are watching. In addition to this, most of the latest flat panel TVs can be hooked up to DVD players, Blu-ray players and even the internet to provide enhanced viewing.

However, to get the best of this viewing, flat panel TV owners know that they have to mount these TVs well. So for all those who are about to buy a flat panel TV, here are some mounting instructions that will help ensure even better entertainment.

Select the right TV bracket – This is perhaps the most difficult decision to make. When selecting TV brackets, ensure that it meets your requirements. This means that based on the size of your room the TV bracket should allow you to move the unit, increasing viewing angles.

Discover the right mounting place – Many may not know it, but the mounting place can affect TV viewing a great deal. Decide the wall for mounting carefully. The wall should be light coloured and should suit the size of the screen.

Right mount height – In addition to this, it is also important that the TV brackets are mounted at the right height. This will further enhance viewing experience as you will not have to slouch or crane your neck to watch TV.

It is advisable to have a professional install the TV bracket as they will give you expert opinion on the right mounting place. It will also ensure that the screen is fitted well.

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