Mount your new LCD TV on TV wall brackets

February 23, 2010
Posted in LCD TV Brackets — Written by Jeffrey

If you want to watch movies on your new LCD or Plasma TV then make sure that you mount them on the wall. This is because TV brackets help in enhancing your TV viewing experience to a great extent. At the time of buying a TV wall bracket, you will find that they are available in various types.

Before people started to use TV brackets, televisions were normally mounted on a large TV stand or unit. But this method does not give enough support to the slim flat screen televisions so an alternative method is required. The best way to mount a modern television is with the help of TV brackets which can enable the TV to be mounted on the wall.

It is always recommended to mount modern televisions onto the wall as this method offers the safest support for this type of television. TV brackets also help in saving a lot of floor space which can be used for placing other furniture items. Other than this, with the help of tilt and swivel TV brackets, you can also adjust the TV screen to a great extent.

If you are planning to buy tilt TV brackets then this is a great decision to make, as they help in tilting the TV screen up to 15 degrees. As another option, you can even rotate the screen of the TV up to 360 degrees. This means that you can view the TV from any corner of the room easily. After buying LCD or Plasma TVs, buying TV brackets is an excellent idea.

Consider the features of different TV brackets before deciding to purchase them

February 23, 2010
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Eric

A lot of consumers prefer to use TV wall brackets rather than placing their LCD TV unit on a table or stand.
Such brackets help to save a lot of space because they eliminate the need for bulky television stands.
Mounting the TV unit at a higher height enables the consumers to enjoy a home cinema like experience. Such stylish brackets also add to the overall décor of the room.

TV brackets are the most important purchase to make after you have bought the TV itself. However, you may be confused due to the vast number of varieties available on the market. Some of the different types of TV brackets and their advantages are as follows:

Swivel mounts:

These mounts help the consumers to swivel the position or angle of the TV set. Consumers can thus decide their viewing position on the basis of their preferences and requirements. In other words, it does not matter if you are sitting at one side of the screen or in front of it because you can easily adjust the angle of the TV unit.

Flat wall mounts:

This is the most basic model of TV brackets. They can be used to hang the television on the wall in a similar way in which you would hang a painting on the wall. These brackets are affordable and can be installed easily by following the instructions provided with the TV brackets. The only disadvantage of using these TV brackets is that they cannot be moved from their position.

Types of TV wall brackets available in the market

February 22, 2010
Posted in TV bracket advice — Written by Ruth

TV wall brackets are one of the most popular and commonly used accessories in offices, homes and public places like railway stations and hospitals. TV wall brackets are used for mounting televisions for a proper display. TV wall brackets are used to mount Plasma and LCD TVs on walls or ceilings.

There are different types of TV wall brackets available in the market and each has different uses and applications. Below are three popular types of TV wall brackets available to mount your screen:

Flat TV Brackets

This type of TV wall bracket is most popular and is widely used in homes and offices. They are used to place Plasma and LCD TVs horizontal to the viewing level. Normal TV brackets mount Plasma or LCD TVs flat to the wall for a better viewing experience.

Tilt TV Brackets

Tilt TV brackets are meant for places where people prefer watching television in a tilted position. You will find tilt TV brackets at public places where the screen is mounted at quite a height.

Hanging Brackets

A hanging bracket is similar to tilt TV bracket and the only difference is that the hanging bracket is mounted on the ceiling while a tilt TV bracket is mounted on the wall. These brackets are also known as ceiling TV brackets

You will have to choose a TV wall bracket that is appropriate for your desired display position. You can easily get a TV wall bracket matching your need from online TV bracket websites.

Make entertainment more comfortable with TV brackets

February 22, 2010
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Eric

For most people, the perfect evening consists of sitting with family and friends and catching up on some movies or television shows. This is not hard to do, especially when you have entertainment units like LCD and plasma TVs. These TVs are known to offer the best picture quality that will make any movie experience perfect.

If you are planning on having a movie marathon or sitting back to watch an important football game, you will definitely want to be as comfortable as possible.

TV brackets offer comfortable viewing

Mounting your LCD or plasma TV on the wall is the best way to ensure that you can view it comfortably. This is because there are different types of TV brackets that can provide different viewing options. For instance, if your living room is large and the seating arrangement is spread out over the room, a swivel TV bracket is the best choice. This is because swivel TV brackets allow the unit to be turned from side to side.

On the other hand, if you want to watch TV in your bedroom comfortably, you can easily do so by mounting the unit on tilt TV brackets. This will allow you to tilt the unit while lying down so you can view it easily and still be comfortable.

If you still want a little more flexibility when watching your LCD or plasma TV, then cantilever TV brackets are a good option. These TV brackets can tilt, swivel and even pull the unit away from the wall to offer viewing comfort.

There are also standard TV brackets for those who prefer ideal room aesthetics as these help blend the unit in with the wall. Regardless of which TV brackets you choose, you can be sure it will offer comfortable viewing for a long time.

Improve your TV with TV brackets

February 21, 2010
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Jeffrey

In the past, CRT TVs were the common type of television used, however, today flat screen TVs such as LCD and plasma TVs are becoming extremely popular. They are slim, lightweight and offer a cinema-like experience at home.

If you own a flat screen TV, mounting it on a wall using a TV bracket is the best possible option. Wall mounting your TV set will not only provide you with a better viewing angle, but also help to save a considerable amount of floor space. This saved space can then be used for other creative purposes.

Different types of TV brackets are available for different sizes and models of TV sets. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can opt for wall mount TV brackets, tilting TV brackets, cantilever TV brackets or swivelling TV brackets.

While wall mount TV brackets are ideal for viewing the TV screen from a fixed angle, tilting and swivelling TV brackets will be helpful if you want to view the TV screen from different corners of the room. Thus, depending on your requirements and budget, you can easily get a TV bracket to enhance your viewing experience.

Some advantages of modern TVs and TV brackets

February 20, 2010
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Jeffrey

With advances in technology, television sets have become lighter and more streamlined. Thus, placing these TVs in a room has become much easier than ever before. Modern TVs with LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or plasma screens are often mounted on a wall with the help of TV brackets.

Wall mounting your flat screen TV on TV brackets not only helps to make space in your room, but also offers you with a more cinematic viewing experience. TV brackets come in many different types and sizes. However, it is important to get one that is especially made for your TV set. If you own a flat screen TV, it is essential to place it in an appropriate location.

LCD and plasma TVs being slim and lightweight can easily be damaged if they fall to the floor. This is why, it is not recommended to place these flat screen TVs on a cabinet or TV stand. Wall mounting is the best option which not only enhances the décor of your room, but also the viewing angle.

People today opt for TVs with thin screens as they have a high resolution and offer high-definition picture quality. Due to the huge demand for better quality pictures and with the availability of HD (High Definition) technology, television manufacturers are now diverting their focus on flat screen TVs having LCD or plasma technology. So, if you want to safeguard your flat screen TV whilst still getting the best viewing experience, opting for TV brackets is a wise decision.

TV wall brackets offer user comfort

February 19, 2010
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Jeffrey

TV wall brackets can be easily installed on different types of surfaces so you can mount your LCD or Plasma TV. They are able to fit a large variety of TV models and TVs in different sizes. There are some TV wall brackets that are capable of holding a television stationary at the best viewing angle. While some TV wall brackets allow a user to swivel the television right and left and some can also tilt it upwards and downwards.

If you have a flat screen TV then buying a TV wall bracket is a great investment. TV wall brackets allow the user to position the television at a comfortable location where they can view it without suffering any back or neck strain. They provide an extra degree of protection to your television set and keep it safe from the playful fingers of children and the mucky paws of pets.

Mounting your television set is a good option to create valuable floor space. By having the TV mounted to the wall you can have more furniture or just have a room that seems much bigger. With all these benefits, TV wall brackets have become the perfect choice for everyone that has an LCD or Plasma TV.

TV Brackets: The best choice for LCD and Plasma TVs

February 19, 2010
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Jeffrey

We spend a huge amount of money buying the best LCD and Plasma TV and finally place our expensive gadget either on TV stand or cabinet. However this is not the best place for your television because they neither offer the best support to your television nor do they enhance your viewing experience. Hence, many people prefer to mount their LCD and Plasma televisions on wall brackets.

We all like to have the right posture so we can get best viewing experience while watching our favourite television show. TV stands and cabinets fail to offer these advantages. However, TV wall brackets have a lot to offer

Firstly, as the name suggests, TV wall brackets are mounted on the wall. Hence, they open up lot of floor space and make your room look spacious. TV stands and cabinets do not offer these benefits since they are heavy and bulky.

You can mount TV wall brackets at the right height on the wall so you can have the correct sitting posture. Televisions kept on TV stands or cabinets do not offer a good sitting posture which can often result in back and neck pain.

Some TV wall brackets can hide all the cables hence play a vital role in cable management. TV wall brackets are also available in various colours so you can choose one that suits your interior décor.

Various reasons to mount your television on TV wall brackets

February 18, 2010
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Eric

Nowadays, there are many people who prefer to buy flat screen TVs such as LCD or Plasma TVs. This is because they offer high video and audio quality which allow the viewers to have a better viewing experience. In addition to this, these TVs also occupy less space, if compared to old CRT TVs. If you are also planning to buy a flat screen TV then make sure that you spend a bit more to buy TV wall brackets.

Why install TVs on TV wall brackets?

Unlike TV stands and units, TV wall brackets occupy less space and help you to mount your TV on the wall easily. Moreover, there are also other benefits which are offered by these TV wall brackets.

First of all, once you have mounted your LCD TV then you will no longer find cables and wires hanging down from the TV. This is because you can hide them behind the TV wall brackets. This means that if want a neater look then hanging the TV on the TV wall brackets is an ideal option. Moreover, this will also lower the chances of your kids pulling the wires and damage the TV.

Other than this, TV wall brackets also help in mounting the TV on an appropriate height which means that the viewers can easily view the TV without any strain. Lastly, TV wall brackets also add some amount of style and elegance in the appearance of your room.

Mount your TV on the wall for better TV viewing experience

February 18, 2010
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Jeffrey

TV wall brackets are preferred by many homeowners, as they help in mounting your TV on the wall safely. Today, you will find that they are available in various types such as flat mounted TV brackets, tilt and swivel TV brackets, etc. While buying TV wall brackets for your LCD TV, you need to consider some factors.

How to select TV wall brackets

First of all, you need to know what is the size of your screen, as all the TV wall brackets are designed in such a way that they can handle only certain sizes of screen. For instance, if you have 42 inch LCD TV then makes sure that you get TV wall brackets which can hold size ranges that include 42 inches.

Other than this, you also have to consider the weight of your TV and you will find this information in the manual guide. This is because TV wall brackets also have a certain weight carrying capacity. So, if you get a TV wall bracket which cannot handle the weight of your TV then it may lead to accidents.

How to mount TV wall brackets

Once you have purchased TV wall brackets, you need to install them appropriately on the wall. It is always recommended to mount the TV on the center wall, so that everyone can view the TV without any obstruction. Moreover, you also need to make sure that the wall is strong enough to handle the weight of the TV.

You also need to ensure that you have proper things such as studs and screws to fix the TV wall bracket to the wall. Thus, once you have installed the TV wall bracket and TV on the wall, you can enjoy viewing your favourite movie or program.

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