The different types of TV brackets that make your home clutter free

February 28, 2011
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Jeffrey

Placing the television (TV) on a stand has become outdated. Today, people follow the trend of minimalism and try to save storage space, so that their home décor looks simple and conventional. A TV occupies a lot of space, so instead of using a TV stand, make use of a TV bracket. There are lots of types of TV brackets, here are some of them:

Tilting TV brackets

These TV brackets are manufactured especially for those people who want limited flexibility for their TV sets when mounted on the wall. Tilting TV brackets allow you to change the TV viewing angle as you can move your TV either up or down. They are apt for TV sets which are installed at a height.

Multi-function TV brackets

These TV brackets can be tilted upwards and downwards by up to 15 degrees and can be rotated by 360 degrees. Not only do these TV brackets allow the user to view the TV from different angles but can also extend from the wall and can be pushed back as necessary.

Cantilever arm TV brackets

These TV brackets are very popular and are noticeable at both residential and commercial buildings. They are really flexible and can support all sizes of TV sets. Cantilever arm TV brackets are also simple in appearance and hassle free in terms of installation.

No matter what size your TV is, there is a TV bracket available so you can fix it on the wall.

Ignore the misconceptions pertaining to TV brackets and LCD brackets

February 28, 2011
Posted in TV bracket advice — Written by Eric

A television set is now a part of your extended family. Users cannot imagine life without a television set for even a single day. LCD TVs, plasma TVs and home theatres systems are some of the latest TV products on the market. These devices enhance the entire TV viewing experience and make it even more enjoyable.

LCD brackets and TV brackets

With the introduction of LCD and plasma TVs, arose the need for TV brackets. TV brackets and LCD TV brackets are modern accessories which provide support to your LCD or Plasma TV.

Remove the misconceptions

A TV bracket is generally viewed as a crude and fragile accessory. Customers feel that installing a TV bracket might damage the TV if it were to fall from the wall. Some also feel that TV bracket is not as good as a TV stand. However, modern TV brackets are attractive and stylish. They are available in different styles and varieties. And these TV brackets also augment the beauty of the TV or LCD set.

Moreover, TV brackets are sturdy and can support the weight of any TV or LCD set. They ensure that the TV set is kept in a firm position. LCD and TV brackets also ensure that the device is kept away from children.

So, do not harbour any misunderstandings pertaining to TV brackets, because they are one of the most useful accessories available today.

The significance of TV wall brackets

February 27, 2011
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Jeffrey

With the introduction of plasma and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) television sets, TV viewing has transformed from being dull and boring to being exciting and realistic. Today, there are more types of TV sets to choose from. Individuals can also mount television sets on walls or decide to place television sets on cabinets and TV stands. The former being a better choice, as it does not use up too much space. If these brackets are correctly installed then it prevents televisions from being damaged. Television sets can also be moved to different positions with the help of TV wall brackets.

Standard TV wall brackets

This is the simplest type of TV wall bracket. It is sturdy and can hold heavy weights. As the name suggests, standard TV wall brackets are used to mount standard CRT TV sets onto walls. Generally these are used to mount security TVs in office lobby areas, banks, retail stores and residential buildings. Standard TV wall brackets are available in different sizes depending on television widths. The standard TV wall bracket model is cheap and outdated amongst all the other kinds of TV wall brackets.

LCD TV wall brackets

The picture viewing experience of LCD TVs when mounted on walls is exciting and visually enhancing. These days there are LCD TV wall brackets specially made to mount LCD TV sets onto walls. They are lighter than standard TV wall brackets and are much thinner. LCD TV wall brackets are used mostly by homeowners, hotels and hospitals.

Steps to mount TV wall brackets

February 27, 2011
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Ruth

TV wall brackets can enhance your viewing experience. They enable TVs to be mounted onto walls, which will avoid TV stand and cabinet clutter and also prevent children and pets from damaging the TV set. They have many excellent features and functions which is why most individuals prefer using them today. Installing TV wall brackets correctly will not only prevent the television from damage, but will also enhance TV viewing.

Tools you will need to install TV brackets

When installing TV brackets, an individual will need a screwdriver, a ladder, screws, wall plugs, power drill, pencil and stud finder. You should also ask for someone’s help to mount the television set onto the wall. Wearing safety glasses to prevent dust from entering your eyes is also important. Besides this, you need the right size of TV wall bracket to mount the television onto the wall.

Tips on installing TV wall brackets

Once you have the tools ready, you then have to decide where your TV wall bracket is to be mounted. Once you have a brief idea about the fixing site, the next thing to do is to see how the TV wall bracket looks when mounted in the chosen spot.

You then have to mark holes on the wall using the TV wall bracket as a guide. These marks will help you to identify the drilling locations. Generally, TV wall brackets have hole identification marks on them to aid users install the brackets. Using a spirit level will also help you to identify the level of the bracket. Some complicated TV wall brackets require additional steps. These will be mentioned in the instruction manual.

Make sure you use quality screws while mounting the TV wall bracket. Once the TV wall bracket is mounted, use someone’s help to place the television onto the wall bracket. Following these steps will ensure that your TV is well secured when mounted onto the wall.

LCD TV brackets – A smart option for flat screen TVs

February 26, 2011
Posted in LCD TV Brackets — Written by Eric

Once you buy a brand new LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) television, you might think of several ways to display your TV in your room. If you think that your living room lacks extra space then you can just mount the LCD on the wall with the help of a LCD TV wall bracket.

How does a LCD TV wall bracket solve your mounting problem?

The LCD TV wall bracket leaves you ample amount of vacant space in your living room, which would otherwise be occupied by the LCD TV stand. The living room will hence look spacious and free from clutter.

An LCD TV wall bracket keeps toddlers and children away from your TV set. Since your LCD is mounted high on the wall it will be impossible for the kids to reach the set and play with it. Children tend to like to play with the TV which can cause problems to your brand new LCD.

With LCD TV wall brackets you need not worry about the viewing angle either. The wall brackets can be rotated by 360 degrees as well as moved up and down. The space on the floor can be used to keep other furniture items.

TV brackets are very easy to install, or you can employ a professional to fix it for you if you are not able to mount it yourself.

Make the most of your ultra slim TV with suitable TV brackets

February 26, 2011
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Ruth

The TVs available today have seen a drastic change from those that were popular a decade or so ago. No longer do you have to worry about TVs that are going to occupy a lot of space in your home, thanks to the introduction of flat panel TVs. The flat panel TVs available today have become slimmer than ever.

Will mounting ultra slim TVs be a problem?

Fortunately, all those looking to buy one of these ultra slim TV models do not have to worry about mounting them. This is because you can now get suitable TV brackets. There is a wide range of ultra slim TV brackets available to help you get the best from these TV sets. Ultra slim TV brackets can make your TV blend perfectly with the wall so that the unit gives your home a completely elegant look.

Similar mounting instructions

Mounting an ultra slim TV on a TV bracket is no different from mounting any other LCD or plasma TV on the wall. You still have to ensure that the wall you mount the unit on is of appropriate size for the unit. In addition to this, make sure it is a plain light coloured wall so that the background does not interfere with your viewing.

It is also vital that you are certain about the size of the ultra slim bracket you get for your TV. You should also hire a professional to mount the TV brackets so that you can be sure of the stability of the unit.

The different types of TV wall brackets explained

February 25, 2011
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Eric

LCD and plasma televisions are the latest entrants to the electronics market. They are lighter, more advanced and come with picture quality enhancing features. The fact that they are light in weight makes then ideal candidates for mounting on walls. This helps reduce cabinet space and makes TV viewing better. However, there are many types and quality grades of TV wall brackets. Mentioned below are three main types of TV wall brackets.

Fixed TV wall brackets

Fixed TV wall brackets are the easiest to set up. They are available in different colours and styles, however black is commonly used. They are the cheapest form of TV wall bracket and designed especially for flat screen TVs that are mounted at a fixed position. Once the TV is mounted using a fixed TV wall bracket, it cannot be moved. Hence it is important to first make sure you are certain on the positioning of your TV to get the best view.

Tilting TV wall brackets

Tilting wall TV brackets work on the same principle as fixed TV wall brackets. They are also available in different colours, designs and styles. However, unlike fixed TV wall brackets they can be tilted downwards or upwards. The tilting part of wall TV brackets operates using hinges which make them move upwards and downwards. Tilting wall TV brackets are more expensive when compared to fixed TV wall brackets.

Articulated TV wall brackets

As the name suggests, these kinds of wall TV brackets have many articulated joints. They can be made to move to any angle or position. These are the most expensive type of TV wall bracket available. Articulated TV brackets are generally used in hospitals, restaurants and in retail stores.

TV brackets – Get flexibility in your TV viewing

February 25, 2011
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Eric

With the LCD and plasma TVs becoming more popular all the time, consumers have now recognised the importance of using TV brackets. These are the best tools for mounting flat panel TVs on a wall. TV brackets not only enhance the look of a flat screen TV, but also offer a cinematic effect like that of a big screen cinema.

TV brackets are specially designed to offer the flexibility to get a cinematic effect from your TV. With different types of TV brackets available, it is important to select the right fit for your TV set. Swivelling TV brackets, tilting TV brackets and TV wall brackets are some available options.

Some benefits of using TV brackets

TV brackets offer numerous advantages to users. They not only save considerable space in a room, but also help to get rid of the clutter. TV brackets can also keep the expensive television set safe and secure at a fixed height. This also offers the best viewing experience to the viewers.

If you get the wrong TV bracket, your TV set might be at risk of falling down. Moreover, the wrong TV bracket might not allow you to position the screen properly. To tilt and swivel the TV screen according to your viewing preferences, cantilever TV brackets are the best choice.

When buying a TV bracket you need to consider its weight and size specifications. This way you can ensure that you get the right TV bracket for your TV set. Getting the installation done by a professional can minimise the chances of causing any harm to your TV set.

Want to get the best from your TV? Use TV brackets

February 24, 2011
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Ruth

The demand for flat panel television sets has greatly increased over the past few years. Due to the slim line structure and lightweight nature of flat panel TVs, they have now replaced conventional CRT TVs.

If you are looking to buy a new plasma TV, you must make sure you give it the right support. TV brackets are well suited for this purpose. TV brackets are one such type of equipment that helps you mount the TV set securely on the wall.

TV brackets keep your TV set secure. They also create an organised and clutter free look in your room. Moreover, wall mounting also helps to save plenty of floor space.

The importance of using TV brackets

When your flat panel TV is wall mounted, it provides a better viewing angle. At the same time, it also adds to the character, elegance and a unique look of your room. In the past people used TV stands or cabinets to keep their television set safe. However, as modern TVs are slim and lightweight, they are more likely to be damaged. Thus, wall mounting proves to be a better alternative to safeguard your valuable possession.

A TV bracket is basically a metal arm like attachment that fixes your TV to the wall. This lets the TV set swing and swivel from side to side. This also offers users added comfort and ease of viewing. Wall mount TV brackets, tilting TV brackets and swivelling TV brackets are some of the available options you can choose from.

Why are TV wall brackets a popular choice instead of TV stands?

February 23, 2011
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Eric

Plasma TV sets are far superior to the traditional TV sets. The two best advantages that Plasma TV sets offer is that they have a large screen and are very thin. When you buy a Plasma TV, the most common question that strikes your mind is where should you place the Plasma TV? It is a problem that every Plasma owner has. In today’s world, there is an apt solution. You can buy a TV wall bracket and mount your Plasma TV on the wall. TV wall brackets are beneficial in many ways.

The various advantages that TV wall brackets offer:

The TV stands are a good way to display your Plasma television but have become outdated and occupy a huge amount of space. TV wall brackets can be fixed to a wall without moving your furniture around whereas TV stands need you to adjust your furniture.

TV stands can also be expensive and are very bulky. This is why TV wall brackets are apt, because they are very light in weight but at the same time are very strong and hence provide the optimum level of security to your Plasma TV.

With a new Plasma television, you will be introduced to a high definition picture. So your TV viewing will be better then ever before. To make your viewing even better TV wall brackets are an ideal choice. Since they can be rotated 360 degrees, they can be moved up and down and can be pulled away from the wall if necessary.

It is high time you buy TV wall brackets to enjoy all these benefits.

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