TV brackets – Their usefulness in commercial organisations

March 31, 2011
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Jeffrey

There are many people who believe that TV brackets are solely used in homes. This is not true at all. TV brackets give a number of advantages wherever they are used. It does not matter if they are installed in a home or a pub or a hospital. They offer something to every commercial enterprise. Many shop owners and entrepreneurs have understood the utility value of these brackets and have installed television sets in their establishments. TV brackets are now used in restaurants, hospitals, bars, pubs, clubs and many other commercial enterprises.

Installing brackets in commercial organisations

A bar or pub is a place that gets very crowded. The place can pull in more people if it offers an unmatched level of ambience. Having a television in a pub or a bar can further add to the ambience of that place and keep the taps running faster. Sports clubs offer their members free viewing and get more clients as they screen big sports events. This increases the number of people who visit their premises.

Suitable TV brackets for commercial organisations

A ceiling TV bracket can be a wonderful pick as it offers a number of advantages. It can be installed on the ceiling leaving the walls for other uses. Ceiling TV brackets have an extendable arm that lowers the television to an appropriate height for comfortable viewing. It can also swivel and tilt in any direction.
Corner TV brackets are also useful as they are mounted in the corner of the room and they give everyone in the room accessibility to view the TV. They are mounted on studs or beams to ensure they are securely installed.

Samsung launches new models and range of TV sets in the European markets

March 31, 2011
Posted in Home cinema — Written by Eric

Samsung has revealed their new line of products in Budapest, Hungary.

At the event Samsung launched a new 490 plasma TV with 3D technology which comes in both 43 and 51 inch sizes. The 51 inch 490 plasma TV has 3D TV coupled with Freeview.

TV brackets can be used to attach these screens onto the ceilings to give the room a theatrical feel.

The dimensions and clarity makes TV viewing spectacularly pleasurable. 3D viewing gives an experience of images which seem to come out of the TV screen. Even your favourite movies and TV series can be transformed into 3D.

Samsung 550 series plasma TVs have a full HD panel which brings out the minute details of a Blu-ray or DVD and HD movies to make TV viewing an ultimate experience.
Samsung launched their 550 series in two sizes, 51 and 59 inch.

Samsung also launched a rejuvenated version of 6 series LED which now comes in 3D.
The series has two models on offer, 6100 and 6900.

The Samsung 7 and 8 series have also had a makeover and were launched in better, slimmer, stylish and sophisticated designs. The two models also sport a super narrow 5mm bezel. All these sets can be fixed and fitted on walls or ceilings using TV brackets.

TV brackets – A practical solution

March 30, 2011
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Eric

A floor stand may give a grand look to your new TV but it does not help you utilise the space you have wisely. TV wall brackets give you just that and more besides. Flat wall mount brackets are an excellent choice for those who want to utilise every bit of their home so it does not look cluttered. TV brackets are manufactured according to different television sizes.

When mounting the TV at a higher level it is better to use tilting wall brackets as you can vary the viewing angle as per your wishes. To make sure that the TV can be tilted without any obstruction it’s important to leave some distance between the TV and the wall.

If you want to get a great TV viewing experience, you can make use of swivel wall brackets. This bracket allows you to swing the TV in which ever direction that suits you. This is done by them using a swinging arm whose length decides its extent of movement.

If you want even more flexibility, cantilever brackets might be the type to choose. They let you move the TV set from side to side and also in an upwards and downwards direction.

TV brackets are available in different brands and in different sizes, styles and colour. Also, they have different load bearing capacities so it is important to ensure you use a wall bracket that can take the weight of your TV.

Need more information on TV brackets? Read on

March 29, 2011
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Jeffrey

With the advancing years, TVs have changed drastically from those that were popular a decade ago. No longer do you have to worry about TVs that occupy a lot of space in your home thanks to the introduction of flat panel TVs. These TV sets offer very good picture quality and enhance the décor of your home.

You should consider opting for TV brackets if you want to get the best out of your flat TV panel. Mentioned below are some options available in the market.

Flat TV mounts: One of the most basic forms of TV bracket, the flat TV mount simply performs the mounting duty without any additional benefits. These brackets are ideal for homes with small rooms.

Tilt TV mounts:
These are one of the commonly used brackets and are quite similar to flat TV mounts. However, they allow slight movements so the viewer can adjust the angle of the TV.

Swivel TV mounts: These brackets offer maximum movement for the viewer and are most commonly used in offices and shopping complexes. They are also found in homes with larger rooms.

Shelf mounts: If you have not purchased a flat screen TV yet, do not worry. Shelf TV wall mounts will help you mount your TV easily. The TV will be safe and secure and hence provide additional support needed for a traditional TV.

Before opting for a TV bracket, ensure that the chosen wall is strong enough to handle the weight of your TV and TV bracket.

A closer look at LED television technology

March 28, 2011
Posted in LCD TV Brackets — Written by Ruth

Today, it takes no time at all for a new technology to become outdated. Technologies are constantly being revised and updated. Just when one thought LCD televisions were the latest thing on the market, then consumers were introduced to LED technology. These LED televisions sometimes require different TV brackets and TV wall brackets. But first, take a sneak peek at the LED television technology and what makes these TVs so different from the LCD.

What is LED technology?

All leading appliance companies are using LED technology to create new age televisions. The conventional fluorescent light found in LCD has been replaced by this technology. The demand for LED TVs is widespread today as consumers are more acquainted with the benefits they have to offer. An LED light can last longer than the fluorescent light used in LCD TVs for backlight options.

When using expensive home appliances like LED TVs, it is equally important that you remember to use the appropriate TV brackets and TV wall brackets. This is essential if one has a flat screen TV as it is more likely to tip over and get damaged if not mounted on the wall with a necessary TV bracket.

One can always do with an LCD TV bracket but it is always sensible to use proper brackets that meet the requirements of the LED TV. The ultra slim TV bracket is an excellent choice for these technological masterpieces as they fix the TV on the wall like a picture frame.

Choose a TV wall bracket option for your LED or LCD TV

March 28, 2011
Posted in LCD TV Brackets — Written by Jeffrey

LED TVs utilise a slightly more modern technology than what we’ve already seen in LCD TVs. LED TVs use LED (light emitting diode) lights for background lighting while the LCD TVs use CFL lights. Hence, we can say that LED TVs are a slightly modified version of the LCD TV, while both of them use the same liquid crystal display technology. Both TVs give the best view when installed on TV wall brackets.

Contrast and colour accuracy
LCD TVs block the backlight coming from the panel whereas the local dimming technology in LED TVs gives a wider range of colour and contrast. LED TVs display darker hues by using the local dimming option present in such TVs. Hence, these TVs give a better contrast quality. LEDs come with an advantage of better colour accuracy. They show more realistic colours as compared to LCD TVs

Viewing angles
The picture quality at a viewing angle is decided by the height of your TV wall bracket and the quality of the front panel glass. A thicker and better quality front panel glass provides a better viewing angle. The picture is clearly visible at a wide range of viewing angles. This also has a negative impact on the glare. Edge lit LED TVs offer the worse viewing angle while local dimming LCD TVs have the best, while traditional LCD TVs lie between both of them.

Functions and longevity

Both TVs are equal in functions, but they generally vary with cost and LED TVs tend to have a higher price. LED TVs are new in the market and hence do not have much of a track record regarding their longevity. LCD TVs generally have a life of 100,000 hours which can vary with the way you handle your TV.

TV brackets – a sure way to enjoy a meal with total entertainment

March 26, 2011
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Ruth

We love to watch TV while we have our meals. Some bars and restaurants can attract custom not just for what they offer but also for the ambience they provide to their customers with TVs on the walls.

1: Need to create an ambience:

A restaurant needs to create an ambience that is appealing to the customers; it cannot be overbearing. So it is important to make the right choice and create the kind of ambience you really want in your restaurant. Many places will have TVs tuned to music channels.

2: Space constraints:

The other thing to bear in mind is a TV set up on a stand can take up quite a space and in a place like a restaurant you want to have more space for seating. TV wall brackets can cater to your needs. Also, different kinds of TV brackets are available which you can choose as per your requirements. There are TV brackets that swing or tilt to your desired angle of viewing. Some even have an expandable arm giving you greater control.

You can choose a bracket which compliments the colour and interior of the restaurant. Installing them is very simple and maintaining them even simpler. Having a TV in some cases can pull in a larger clientele.

TV brackets and their benefits

March 25, 2011
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Jeffrey

When mounting your TV on a wall or on the ceiling you require a TV bracket. TV brackets are necessary, especially for LCD TVs. They are strong and come in various models and are beneficial as they allow for a better viewing experience.

How are they beneficial?

In today’s market, you may find many TV brackets, but each of them has unique properties.

The most preferred are cantilever TV brackets. They can be placed on any wall so that the TV is positioned at a comfort level. The extendable arm makes it easier to adjust the angle.

The other type of TV brackets are swivel TV brackets. These can be swayed from left to right to any position that the viewer chooses.

As a viewer, you may face difficulties because of the height of the screen. The tilt TV bracket can solve those problems for you. Depending on your position, the TV can be tilted so that it is at the perfect angle.

TV brackets are also important to rid yourself of neck strain endured while watching TV. Due to their flexibility, the viewer can adjust the TV, meaning they don’t have to watch in an uncomfortable position. They also clear a lot of space giving you more room for other things.

Easy steps to install your flat screen onto TV brackets

March 24, 2011
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Eric

Everyone likes to watch films and sports matches in style. But for this, it is necessary to have your TV fitted to the wall with a bracket. Caution is advised because if you use substandard TV wall brackets then you will probably end up spending a large amount on a brand new television set.

Installing a television all by yourself is no easy task, so do take professional help if you need it. Otherwise, follow some simple steps to keep your television safe on the wall.

Step 1:

Select the place for your LED flat screen TV which you think is most suitable. Be sure that the wall surface is smooth when mounting your TV. The living room is ideal for a family TV.

Step 2:

Follow the TV maker’s instructions very carefully. Mark the point you want to place your bracket. Place it as per your requirements.

Step 3:

Drill a hole into the wall as per the size of your screw. Now, fix the part of the TV bracket that is the wall fixture. After that, place the TV bracket in alignment with the wall bracket.

Step 4:

Insert the screws and double check to ensure they are screwed in tightly.

Step 5:

Lift the TV onto the bracket cautiously and slide it on. Please ensure that your TV bracket can take the weight of your TV.

TV brackets – be wise and say goodbye to a strained neck

March 23, 2011
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Jeffrey

Continuously watching TV can give you a stiff neck. Here is something that will surely help you relieve some of that stress in your neck. A lot of people suffer from the serious pain they receive when they watch TV for hours on end. If not taken proper care of, then these back and neck pains could get severe and land you in hospital.

Often, people fail to realise that the strain in their neck is due to sitting in front of the television because you enjoy watching it so much. You are completely engrossed in it; as a result you actually do not understand that your angle of viewing the TV is the cause of that stress in your neck. Viewing TV placed on a bracket will not cause any such stress, as it can be moved to suit your viewing position.

When you sit in an awkward position and tend to strain the neck and back muscles, you experience aches and pains. TV wall brackets can help you tackle that problem. You can find a variety of TV wall brackets for everyone’s needs. The fixed TV wall brackets are more commonly used as they are not that highly-priced. For you to have a fine viewing experience, the placement of your TV has to be at eye level. There are TV brackets that can tilt and be moved as per your requirements. The cantilever TV brackets have a stretchable arm that lets you view your TV from multiple angles.

These were some of the TV brackets that will considerably reduce the neck and back pains The TV brackets allow you to watch your favourite channels without having to change the position of you head all the time.

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