Choosing a TV for your home theatre system

April 30, 2011
Posted in Home cinema — Written by Eric

For a movie buff, the cinema is their holy grail. State of the art picture quality matched with 8.1 surround sound. A true feast for the senses, for just a small price! However, due to technological advancements, the whole experience can be enjoyed in your very own living room.

You can start setting up your equipment from scratch, and then build on it later. A TV is the most basic requirement for a home theatre system. Televisions have evolved from the basic, bulky colour TVs to sleek LCDs, LEDs and plasma TVs which also have the added bonus of energy-saving features.

TV sizes range from miniscule 17 inches to the monster 100 inches. The rule of the thumb being, the bigger the screen, the better the viewing experience. However some smaller-display televisions may provide features absent in large screen ones.

The viewing distance must always be taken in consideration when buying a TV. There are many sites that help you calculate the size of your ideal TV, based upon the viewing distance.

One of the most important things that you should take into account is the number of connection ports. This will enable you to extend your home theater experience to gaming consoles and Blu-ray players.

You must also include TV brackets in your budget. You can maximize your room space by using TV wall brackets. TV brackets invariably increase your viewing distance, by which you may be able to go for a bigger screen TV.

The importance of using TV brackets

April 29, 2011
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Ruth

Are you looking to enhance the safety features of your newly purchased LCD TV? If yes, then you would be better off with a TV bracket. With the help of these brackets, you can mount your TV at height thereby enhancing the viewing experience. It is also recommended that you purchase TV brackets in order to protect your TV set from damage. Mentioned below are some reasons for you to opt for TV brackets.

Mounting your TV set

With the help of TV brackets, you can mount your expensive unit on the wall. The use of TV brackets will also provide you with more floor space. This additional space can be used for placing other accessories. Such a wall mounting option is perfect for people living in smaller homes.

Protect your unit

With the help of TV brackets, you can provide optimum protection to your expensive unit. It should be noted that brackets consist of certain connection that allow you to mount the TV set appropriately. With the help of these connections, your TV set remains sturdy. Certain types of TV brackets also allow the user to adjust the angle according to their convenience.


Certain types of brackets like tilting brackets and cantilever mounts allow the user to adjust the viewing angle as per the needs and requirements of the user. You will come across electronic brackets that allow you to adjust the viewing angle without leaving the comfort of your sofa.

How to find a perfect bracket for your TV

April 28, 2011
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Jeffrey

Whenever you buy a new LCD TV, make sure you buy yourself a perfect pair of TV brackets as well. TV brackets help in increasing the life of your television. You must choose the most suitable TV bracket for your television. TV bracket manufacturers make different types of brackets for different TV models. These are custom designed and can not be used for just any TV.

Characteristics of TV brackets

LCD televisions are very sensitive and can be expensive. Therefore, they must be handled with care. The first thing to keep in mind is the weight and size of a television. Brackets must be able to carry the weight and fit the size of your TV. Make sure you read the manual or the information booklet provided with the television. Suppliers deal with TV brackets day in and day out, so you might want to consult them if you have any doubts about your TV and brackets.

There is the possibility that your TV might be heavy and so it would not be possible to mount it on delicate brackets. Measuring your television is also important or else it will not fit your TV brackets. Once you have found the right TV bracket for your TV, you can make your TV viewing experience more relaxing and comfortable.

Types of LCD wall bracket – Find the right one for you

April 27, 2011
Posted in LCD TV Brackets — Written by Jeffrey

When it comes to LCD TV wall brackets there are many different options available. Choosing the one that is correct for your needs and your television is an important decision. The home theatre experience for which you bought your expensive high definition TV for depends upon it.

Low profile, tilting and swivel wall mounts are some of the kinds of brackets which are available to users. You can browse through them and find out the one which best suits your requirements. Low profile wall brackets are easily installable and pretty cheap. Since these kinds of brackets can not be adjusted after installation, it is necessary to make sure the TV viewing angle, height and location is correct.

Tilting LCD TV wall brackets are much better in functionality and do not require much effort to install. They allow for the TV’s vertical viewing angle to be adjusted, which is a great feature to ensure that you can watch your television irrespective of the height at which it is positioned.

Full motion LCD TV wall brackets can be adjusted vertically as well as horizontally, offering you with a wide range of viewing angles. There are no limitations to the viewing preferences of users and this greatly improves your television viewing experience.

As you can see there are options available for all kind of users with different needs, preferences and budgets. All you need to do is find out the one which suits the way you watch TV.

Get a TV bracket – Save space

April 26, 2011
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Jeffrey

With increasing number of people now living in apartments and small houses, space is always an issue. TV brackets help you save that space which otherwise would be taken up by a TV and its stand. It also helps to keep the television secure and out of the reach of children and pets. TV brackets have also been found to greatly enhance the TV viewing experience of the users.

There are many types of TV brackets available and you can select from among them according to your TV size and your preference. A flat mount TV bracket comes in two varieties; one is in an X shape which is meant to hold the TV from where the cables pass through the gap sections of the shape. The other one has a plain, rectangular flat panel with screw holes which can hold the TV stand.

There are also swivel TV brackets which give more flexibility as they can turn horizontally and face the TV in a different direction as per your convenience.  Tilting wall brackets, as the name suggests, tilt forwards or backwards for better viewing angles. Cantilever brackets have the option to move the TV towards and away from the wall. These are very convenient in case you need to attach cables.

These are the basic categories of TV brackets which you can install. There are many options and sub-categories which you select as per your choice.

TV wall brackets – some different available options

April 25, 2011
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Ruth

The modern flat panel TVs of today need proper installation to get the most from them. Placing TV sets on a cabinet or stand is a thing of the past. TV wall brackets are the modern tools for mounting flat panel television sets. Unlike television stands, TV brackets do not take up floor space.

Low profile or flat mount TV brackets
These television brackets are amongst the most basic. They are also the most affordable for that reason. Installing flat mount TV brackets is like hanging your television set like a picture frame on the wall. However, flat mount TV brackets do not provide flexibility in terms of adjusting the viewing angle.

Tilting TV bracket
The tilting television bracket features a tilting facility. This helps to adjust the television screen to the desired viewing angle vertically. Tilting TV brackets are affordable, but cost a little more than flat mount TV brackets.

Swivelling or full motion TV brackets
Swivelling TV brackets are an excellent piece of equipment. These brackets feature a full moving arm to tilt and swivel the TV screen to almost any angle. Swivelling TV brackets are also amongst the most expensive TV brackets available out there. If extreme flexibility is what you are looking for, swivelling TV brackets are the perfect option.

Based on your home décor, budget and needs, you can select from any of the above options.

Buying TV brackets? Here is what you should know

April 24, 2011
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Jeffrey

LCD and plasma TVs have now gained popularity amongst television purchasers. If you are planning to take complete advantage of the slim and lightweight TVs of today, fitting it on the wall would be a good option.

The displays of these TVs offer high quality images and by adding a proper sound system, you can easily mimic a cinematic experience at home. Besides the technological advancements, the hardware on which these devices can be fixed has also improved.

TV brackets are perfect tools for mounting flat screen TVs on the wall. Different kinds of television brackets are available and this allows you to pick one that can perfectly suit your needs.

Some considerations when selecting a TV bracket

Before settling upon a TV bracket, it is important to consider its features, functionality and cost. You should also consider whether you want the TV to remain close to the wall or extend away from it. Tilting and swivelling are some other features you should look for in a bracket.

Depending on your budget, specifications and requirements, you can select from swivelling, cantilever, tilting and fixed TV brackets. If you want the flexibility to adjust the television screen, cantilever TV brackets are the best option. On the other hand, fixed TV brackets are perfect when you want your TV screen to be mounted flat to the wall.

Swivelling TV brackets and some of the major advantages

April 23, 2011
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Jeffrey

TV brackets are interesting by-products of the new LCD and plasma TV era. They have a metal framework to fix the television set to the wall.

Of the different kinds of TV brackets, swivelling ones are quite popular. They allow the viewer to swivel the TV screen in any direction to facilitate TV viewing from any corner of the room. The swivelling TV brackets for flat panel TVs have opened the door for some different ways to decorate a living room.

The weight of your plasma or LCD TV is an important consideration when looking for a TV bracket. If the TV bracket is unable to tolerate the weight of your television set, it can be at risk of being damaged. Besides the size and weight of the TV set, the width of your room is equally important. For larger rooms, installing swivelling TV brackets is a wise decision.

TV brackets are affordable and the easiest way to keep your television set safe and secure. At the same time, TV brackets can also help you save space in your room. Looking at all these features of TV brackets, they prove to be a valuable tool to get the most from your flat screen TV.

Showcase your flat panel TV using brackets

April 22, 2011
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Jeffrey

Modern technologies have brought changes in several things. For instance, the earlier bulky and heavy TV sets have now been replaced with flat panel TVs. TVs have seen a massive reduction in both size and weight. Newer technologies also enhance the quality of audio and video output.

Flat screen TVs are available in different sizes, shapes and features. If you are planning to replace a traditional heavy and cumbersome television set, opting for new flat panel TV would be a good decision. Wall mounting a television set can create a modern look for your home. At the same time it can also help to save significant space in your room.

As television brackets are used to support your TV set, you should be very careful when selecting one. Ensure that the television bracket is strong enough to support the weight of your TV set. Moreover, the wall on which you mount the TV set should also be strong enough. Don’t overlook this.

Selecting the right kind of TV bracket

TV brackets are durable and strong and available in several different types and sizes. Thus, you must ensure that you select the right TV bracket based on your needs. Options range from basic TV wall brackets to the more advanced tilting and swivelling TV brackets. Cantilever TV brackets featuring an extendable arm are also available. This type of TV bracket allows you to move the TV away from the wall.

To enjoy the best viewing experience and for added flexibility, it is recommended to go for tilting and swivelling TV brackets.

How TV wall brackets can improve your viewing

April 21, 2011
Posted in TV brackets — Written by Eric

Many people get confused when selecting a TV bracket for their flat panel TV. With many different kinds of TV brackets available, it is important to get the right one for your television set.

Ideally, the right TV bracket can give a neat and sophisticated look to your home. While not many people know, TV brackets play a crucial role in supporting your TV set. At the same time, they also improve the overall décor of your room. Most varieties of TV brackets are sturdy and keep the television set safe from damage.

The weight of your television set, its size and the load bearing capacity of the bracket are some important things to consider. Getting an improper TV bracket might put your TV set at risk of getting damaged.

Benefits of installing TV brackets

There are many places where using TV brackets can be beneficial. For instance, TV brackets are perfect for smaller rooms. It not only helps in making your room more spacious, but also provides the best television viewing angle. At the same time, TV brackets also give a classy and elegant appearance to a room.

TV brackets also enable users to adjust the angle for more pleasurable viewing. Prior to installing a television bracket, you should determine the place where you want to mount your TV set. For best results, it is recommended that you hire a professional to install the bracket. Considering all the benefits, installing a TV bracket would be a good decision to help you get the most from your TV viewing.

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