January 13, 2014

The many advantages of TV wall brackets

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As time passes by, the world is quickly developing and people’s tastes are ever changing. Electronic developments are prominent in many markets especially television manufacturing where revolutionary flat screen TVs are rapidly making the traditional CRT TV a thing of the past. Flat screen TVs are designed to enhance the TV viewing experience, and this can be further increased if you purchase complementary products such as the TV wall brackets available here at 123 Brackets.

TV wall brackets come in many different shapes sizes to suit different users’ tastes and needs, for example tilting wall mounts and flat TV brackets, each offering an extensive range of benefits:

Space Saving

Although placing a TV on a desk, stand or any other suitable furniture is common, it is not so practical as this usually claims a lot of space in the room the TV is located. However, the use of our TV wall brackets means you can save plenty of space, which is particularly beneficial for busy households. With the TV out of the way, you can think about using the TV shelf or stand’s room for other functions that can help add character to the room.

Sleek and stylish

Fastening your television against the wall with our TV wall brackets can play a part in your interior design by adding style to your living room. The television cables can be hidden to facilitate a cleaner look. Some modern flat screen TVs have a feature that enables users to leave the TV on a picture slideshow setting when no one is watching the TV. You can make the most of this function to add life and personality to your room.


Leaving the TV on a stand or shelf is sometimes a safety hazard especially when you have children or pets around the house. Using our TV wall brackets means your TV is 100% secure and out of the reach of children and pets. This means you can leave the pets and children around the television without supervision and not have to worry about any accidents occurring around the household.

These are just some of the many advantages of using TV wall brackets. As specialists in the provision of TV wall brackets, we have an extensive range of brackets for all major TV brands, all available at very affordable prices. Our highly skilled members of staff will be able to assist you in finding the most suitable TV bracket according to your personal requirements. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 08456769300.

January 10, 2014

Busting Myths: The Truth about Whether TV is Bad For You

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There are various ways in which TV is deemed to be bad for you: it can give you bad eye sight, “rot your brain” and can make you obese. Some of these are truer than others, and if any do happen it’s not a direct cause of physically watching television. It’s true that if you watch TV in the wrong ways then it can give you a few health issues, but these can be avoided.

“TV makes people obese”

Scientists in America have found a correlation between the amount of television watched and numbers of obese people. This doesn’t mean that TV is a direct cause, as at the end of the day, it is up to the individual what they chose to eat, but it can contribute. For every hour you sit and watch television, that is an hour gone where you could have been more active. However, it also depends what people watch.

Research from Cornell University found that if people watched more cookery programmes they were likely to consume more. So correlatives include type of programme, quantity of watching, and also what you do with your TV. Televisions aren’t simply used for viewing programmes anymore but can play music, be used to make downloads, and used with consoles to play games. The Wii and Xbox Kinect both involve being on your feet and actively moving, so that a sensor picks up your movements. Games that involve movement won’t be as detrimental to people’s health or weight.

“TV gives you bad eyesight”

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that the screens cause harm to your eyes if you watch a television correctly. The myth that TV can damage your eyes has existed since the 1930s when televisions became a mainstream item that people could purchase for their homes. General Electronics made a mistake when manufacturing a batch of Televisions, allowing excess X-rays to escape out of the bottom of the TV. Children who sat on the floor, or near to the televisions did end up with impaired sight. Televisions have come a huge way since the 1930s and all types of flat screen TV are deemed safe. The only time you may cause strain your eyes, and also your back and neck, is if you are sitting too close to a TV and are too low in comparison to the screen.

Because of the arrangement of eye muscles, humans are most comfortable looking straight ahead or even slightly downwards. Looking up for long periods or to the side can strain the muscles. When installing a new television in a room, it is important to think about comfort and safety. Ideally, you should position a TV so that you are looking straight across to it. If you think about it, when you go to a cinema, the seats are raised so that you’re never looking up to the screen, but you still feel comfortable. If you have a very squishy sofa that you sink down into, consider replacing it or you will end up with eye and neck strain.

The advantage of TV brackets is that they are adjustable and adaptable to your furniture and viewing position. You can pull it downwards and tilt the screen for sat down viewing, but if you have a console and end up on your feet playing “Just Dance” or “Wii Fit”, you can still make sure you’re viewing the screen safely by adjusting it according to viewing height, distance and position.

January 8, 2014

LG Exhibits the first webOS operating TVs

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Electronics guru LG recently used the Consumer Electronics Show as an opportunity to showcase its latest innovation: smart TVs that run webOS. The market leading company also announced at the event that approximately 70% of their smart TV releases this year would run on webOS. The consumer Electronics Show is a very publicised annual trade exposition where gadget producing companies gather to display their innovations. Since free publicity is available at such event, this was the perfect timing for LG to show their latest development to the world. 

This new LG TV is only a development of what seems to have been an initial design that had been criticised by many analysts who said the TVs would have been too complicated for the average person. Now LG is proud to exhibit television sets that have a much-simplified way of controlling and finding content using the webOS system.

Sliding graphic card-based menus are the main feature of the re-developed hi-tech televisions and they have the backing of critics on being a much easier way of operating such complex devices. At the bottom of the TV screen is a ‘Launcher’, a menu that users can scroll across the bottom for easier navigation between content. All the graphic cards have their own unique colour to avoid confusion when switching from one facility to the other. The main idea behind the graphic cards, which are powered by software previously bought from HP last year, is to enable the TV to be multi-functional without the need of reverting back to the home screen. For example, you can now simultaneously play a game, watch a video and search for content all at the same time.

The new LG TV is also said to be easier to set up and link with connective appliances, with the TV recognising whatever you plug in specifically. For example if you input a PS3 connection, the TV will identifying the plug-in as PS3 instead of a general HDMI source. The South Korean firm indicated that simplicity was one of their main motives in developing this amazing television set. Many hi-tech fanatics are set to flood stores to purchase the new televisions that provide an all improved television viewing experience. In order to enhance this viewing experience further, you can buy practical television accessories like flat TV brackets. The flat TV brackets allow you to fasten your TV against the wall so you do not only get a superb view of the screen but you also get to save room space.

Here at 123 Brackets, we offer an extensive variety of TV brackets as such to ensure your TV viewing is more than satisfactory. We only provide TV brackets of the finest quality at very affordable prices, making our products excellent value for the money you spend. We have specifically trained employees who will certainly be able to assist you in finding the most suitable TV bracket you need.  If you require more information regarding our fantastic services, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us on 08456769300.

December 10, 2013

Creative Methods and Spaces to Display Your Television

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Finding the right space to display your television can be difficult, but television brackets can easily solve your space issues.

Although it isn’t always that simple. There is a wide range of brackets available which can let you place your television in the best place around your house. If you are undecided which bracket suits your needs best, take a look at the infographic below which runs through the benefits of each type (click the image for a larger version).


December 2, 2013

Improve the ‘next gen’ gaming experience

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Recent launches of the groundbreaking consoles, the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 sparked excitement amongst keen gamers especially students, who are known to be the predominant target market. The Xbox One was launched on the 22ndof November while Sony’s Playstation 4 was released a week later. Fanatics queued overnight outside the few stores that had the products in stock in order to be the first gamer to get their hands on the fashionable consoles.

On the release dates, both consoles sold successfully due to the high product demand from the eagerly waiting fans. The Xbox One sold a million copies of the product within 24 hours of its launch while an insider from Sony reported that the pre-orders for the Playstation 4 was four times higher than for the Playstation 3. UK’s second biggest gaming retailer Amazon has predicted the Playstation 4 will break the organisation’s record as the fastest selling console, a title currently held by the Xbox One. The consoles’ mother companies Sony and Microsoft are now preparing themselves to battle for the forthcoming festive season’s footfall to outsell each other.

While both consoles’ predecessors offered a leap into high definition gaming, the latest gadgets are both said to portray a ‘next generation’ gaming experience. Critics have since started pointing out the differences between the consoles and how improved they are compared to their predecessors. Improved graphics, sound and better connectivity are only a few developed features of the consoles set to keep gamers such as students glued to their television sets this Christmas. The versatile consoles are also predicted to be an attraction to many other audiences like whole families as they offer movie-streaming facilities and a host of other entertainment platforms.

Many eager students will certainly enhance their gaming experience by playing with their peers both online and offline. Gaming tournaments facilitated by the multi-gamer feature on the consoles are a very popular way of sharing the ‘next gen’ experience. The more people playing the better since fanatics can challenge each other and show off their skills while learning new tricks about their favourite games. If wish to enhance your gaming experience, a pull out TV bracket is a worthwhile purchase. Not only does superb kind of bracket enhance the view as the television is up against the wall, the pull facility also means the TV can be adjusted to suit the gamers seating choice. The product will also work well for those wanting to use the console for TV viewing purposes.

Here at 123 Brackets, we have a variety of pull out TV brackets and other fantastic products on offer. Our different TV brackets are designed to meet your TV viewing requirements. We continuously try to improve our products to further enhance the brilliant products in store. For more information regarding our products, do not hesitate to contact us on 08456769300.

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