November 29, 2008

Should I use wall brackets to mount my Plasma or LCD TV on the wall instead of a stand?

Should I use wall brackets to mount my Plasma or LCD TV on the wall instead of a stand?

Well, there’s pro and cons.

One, wall brackets save floor space.

Then again, if you have a lot of decorative art hanging on the walls, you might lose a piece, which might not please the lady of the house.

Flat panel TV screen wall bracket kits can be very inexpensive, while a stand or entertainment unit may carry a higher cost.

Stands offer the option of more easily moving your LCD or Plasma TV unit, whereas with wall brackets, you’ve sort of made a pretty firm decision. Yes there are cable hiding considerations, but a stand or entertainment unit is certainly more portable.

The battle rages – which is better, Plasma or LCD TV?

The battle rages – which is better, Plasma or LCD TV?

Imagine you’re watching your yet to be chosen wall bracket mounted large screen TV and an old rerun of Gilligan’s Island is on. Remember the classic question, “Mary Ann or Ginger?”

Well, a similar battle rages today in the choice between Plasma versus LCD flat panel TVs. Which is better?

Answer? Not so easy. They’re both great and each has its strong points.

For similar size, you’re going to pay more for an LCD flat panel TV than a Plasma TV as they are more expensive to make.

General consensus is that Plasma TVs have better overall image quality than LCDs, with sharper images.

LCDs don’t weigh as much as Plasma TVs but are more energy efficient. LCD screens also have a longer life span, about 60,000 hours versus about half that for Plasmas.

So, there really is no answer, they’re both great and whichever you have wall bracketed in your entertainment room is bound to give you tens of thousands of hours of viewing pleasure.

Recessed installation of your Plasma TV and Frame – Is it for You?

Recessed installation of your Plasma TV and Frame – Is it for You?

Recessed installation means that your flat panel TV will be flush with the wall, which can be quite attractive, but it does require a bit of extra work and preparation.

One consideration, especially with Plasma TV flat panel TVs is that they generate more heat than an LCD TV, and you should consider
a vent system to avoid overheating.

Another consideration to ponder is whether or not to frame your Plasma TV with a picture frame. This can make your new entertainment addition even more like a work of art.

Often, it’s one spouse or another, and not to be sexist, but it’s often the husband, who wants a large screen TV wall bracket mounted so he can watch his favorite sports events in closer to life size, while the wife could care less, and perhaps the suggestion of an attractive frame for the unit might just make the sale, especially if you ler her pick it out.

LCD TVs – tidbit facts you might not know

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LCD TVs – tidbit facts you might not know

LCD TVs weigh less than Plasma TVs of similar size.

LCDs are more energy efficient than Plasma TVs.

Sharp holds the current world’s largest size title for an LCD TVs, with a 108 inch LCD panel introduced in 2008.

LCD TVs have approximately twice the life expectancy of Plasma TV screens, 60,000 hours for an LCD TV screen as opposed to 30,000 hours for the average Plasma unit.

LCD flat panel outsell Plasma flat panel TVs by approximately 8 to 1.

LCD TV technology is over forty years old.

LCD flat panel TVs emit no radiation at all.

LCD TVs perform better at high altitudes than Plasma TVs.

LCD TVs generate less heat than Plasma TVs and are thus better suited for mounting over a fireplace.

The smallest LCD we could find was a 15 inch flat panel unit made by Toshiba.

Plasma TVs – tidbit facts you might not know

Plasma TVs – tidbit facts you might not know

Plasma displays were first used as computer terminals.

Fujitsu was the first company with a Plasma color TV, a 21 inch screen in 1992.

As of year 2008, the largest plasma video display in the world is a 150 inch unit manufactured by Panasonic.

In the first quarter of 2.8 million Plasma TVs were sold worldwide.

Plasma displays are brighter than LCD.

Plasma TV screens are made of inert gases, xenon and neon, between two flat panels of glass.

Plasma displays last about 30,000 hours.

Contrast ratios for plasma displays are often advertised as high as 1,000,000:1.

Plasma TVs are more prone to burn in than LCD TVs.

Plasma TVs are considered to be better for watching fast moving images and are as a result often preferred by sports fans.

Plasma TVs emit some radiation, but less than a tradition TV.

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