February 19, 2009


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One nice thing about  [123 BRACKETS] is that when you Google it right up top comes [] and one nice thing about their web site is that they keep it updated with the latest information about the best deals in Plasma and LCD flat panel TV wall bracket mount kits and lowest prices available on the Internet you can find. They offer great support and have a telephone hot line you can call Monday through Friday from 9 to 5 to get answers for any questions you may have on  [123 BRACKETS] and your search for the right wall mount kit for your new entertainment treasure and they offer great email support too, so if you decide you want to save a few bucks and install your flat panel TV yourself, they have the answers and the know how to help. [], like they say, It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

February 18, 2009

[SELECT MOUNTS] Wall Brackets


Go to and you’ll see the site is under construction, and we don’t know if it is to be a TV wall bracket site or not.

Google {select mounts} though and you’ll get a variety of wall bracket sellers ready to serve your needs for your LCD or Plasma flat panel TV screen.

Not enough can be said about picking a wall bracket set that can support the weight of your unit. Plasma sets tend to be heavier than LCDs, though this is slowly changing as technology advances, but it’s important to check the specifications of both the screen itself and the potential wall bracket set you elect to buy to make sure they are a proper fit. Beyond your house and your car, a good Plasma or LCD TV is one of the larger purchases you make and it would be a shame to pick the wrong wall bracket kit just to save a few bucks only to have it fall off the wall and be damaged, so be sure to read the instruction manual for the set as well as the specs on the wall bracket kit.

[AARTON] Wall Brackets


[Aarton] supplies a variety of quality products at low cost to Plasma and LCD wall bracket seekers. It’s not their only business, though, they make Mounts, brackets, plasma brackets mounts, LCD brackets mounts, as well as cnc parts, casting, milling, rolling paper, cigarette paper, and digital scales according to their web page at

Buying wall bracket mounts has become popular on the Internet as the web has grown to its huge proportion as search engines make it so easy to find and compare products and prices as well as sites to buy from. Things to look for in a wall bracket mount kit are more than just price alone. You should check out the shipping and handling, as to whether or not it is included- sometimes a low, low price for the kit is negated by a high shipping cost, so pay attention to that. Also, return policy and support is important. What if your wall bracket kit arrives with something missing? Make sure there’s a phone number to call or at least email support to resolve problems quickly.

[JUAL] Wall Brackets


Type jual wall brackets in your Google search box and you’ll get a list of quality TV flat panel wall bracket mount kits and stand providers.

[Jual] Furnishings seems to specialize in snazzy looking stands,  as in the JF001SC – which is Large Glass TV Support in Silver with Clear Glass for panels up to 50”, designed especially for fireside alcoves and tight corners.

Placing your Plasma or LCD TV over the fireplace can be an elegant look to a room, with the two complimenting one another. Traditionally, the fireplace is the center of attraction but the addition of the flat panel screen above it makes a unique look and sort of takes over some of the attraction. One thing to consider when mounting your large screen TV over a fireplace is how much heat the fireplace gives off, as excessive temperatures can potentially harm the set.  Before  the final decision to mount your Plasma or LCD screen over the fireplace, check the temperature by placing a thermometer on the wall where the set would go when you have a roaring fire going. If the temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s wise to not use the fireplace full blast when the set is on, or at least not to run the set for long periods of time when a big fire is in progress.

[ATECA] Wall Brackets


[ATECA] TV wall bracket mounts are competitively priced in the marketplace and many on line sellers of flat panel wall bracket solutions for your Plasma or LCD flat panel screen off them for sale.

The domain name though seems “parked” and just takes you to a site with multiple business categories for redirection to sites of a variety of products and services by category.

Choosing the right wall bracket site is an important decision in the process of getting your LCD or Plasma TV flat panel TV set up and running. You should consider price of course, but also whether or not the site offers support for self installers, such as does. They have a 9 to 5 Monday to Friday hot line to offer support to customers and also a quick turnaround email service help desk. Choosing the right wall brackets is something you’ll only do once in a number of years as the life span of LCD sets is up to 60,000 hours of viewing time, and that’s up to 20 years based on the average viewing time for most household, so it’s something you want to get right the first time.

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It’s natural for the buyer of these TV’s to cash the elegance of these display panels by placing them in their homes and offices, which requires them to buy wall mounts for the TV. The LCD or Plasma TV is mounted evenly on the wall, and often mounted in a slight tilted fashion (classically downwards) or on occasions a bracket that keeps the TV turned away from wall (frequently known as cantilever arm brackets), these modes of mounting often relies on the structure of the room plus on the client’s way of interior decoration and on the budget.
123Brackets delivers the astonishing range of T V Wall Brackets and Mounts from the top names in the manufactures market which includes Vogels, Premier Mounts, Edbak and B-Tech. These companies have a very renowned status in the production of Audio Visual equipment, TB Brackets and Accessories. With international compliant Quality Control standards and the rigorous testing their products go through, we can be assured about the quality of products they produce. But most of the time it’s not the case with many cheap fake T V Brackets and TV mounts that are coming from China on to the soil of UK. We at 123Brackets sincerely advice our priceless clients, that they have spent hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds on their TV and AV systems, so the critical item which keeps them safe should also be purchased keeping in consideration that buying a cheap TV bracket can most of the time prove to be a wrong decision.
Most of the models at 123Brackets of t v Brackets and Mounts are delivered with a minimum guarantee of 5 years, and many more are delivered with a 10-year guarantee further some even are delivered with a lifetime guarantee.

TV Stands

It has become a tradition for our valuable customers in the recent times to give fresh look to their bedrooms and workplaces by large flat screen Plasma or LCD TV with the TV Brackets and TV Wall Mounts, and to fulfill this tradition the industry has responded accordingly. Our customers are provided with ample choice to choose from ATECA, Alphason, Jual Furnishings, Vogels, Elite and Spectral, the famous brands of UK. TV stands with black glass shelves and lofty luster piano black finish have come to associate with LCD and Plasma TV in the truest black form.

TV Accessories

It’s better to think ahead about the Scart, HDMI and Mains Cables because their un wanted presence right with the elegant TV Bracket or Wall Mount will ruin the look and feel of these stylish items. The optimal option is to embed the wires into the wall to avoid their undue space capture, but this is not always feasible for all the customers. For the situation like this we have made variety of cable tidy, cable trunking and wireless scart to resolve this very issue. The Vogels EVO 6000 Column Systems are best known among the audio devotees not only because EVO6000 system can cover the cables but it does incorporate shelves with the system additionally.

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